Friday, April 19, 2013

Game on

Zac was on a roll. It looked that way. He didn't even know how to play charades. Of course, his Mom had left him rather blue about fifteen minutes before he got to Syreeta's to take her to the party. His mom was going to have heart surgery.

He'd only listened. He didn't even ask why. It was probably his fault. He remembered his great-grandmother telling him about her own heart surgery. She'd had rheumatic fever when she was a girl, but she didn't know how serious something like that could be. She'd had two children of her own and that had put her in the hospital, later in life.

His Mom had a thyroid problem. She didn't talk about it much. He'd seen pictures of her when she was younger and he hated to admit it, but she was quite a babe. Now, she was just a Mom with broad hips. Actually, she was kind of broad, everywhere. But he would never say she needed to lose weight. After all, she walked more than anyone in the neighborhood and exercised so much.

Now, she even had a boyfriend.

Maybe that's what troubled him the most. This guy was going to move in next month with his son. He actually had two sons. He was living with his older son at the moment.

"Well, why can't his kid live with his grown son?" That's what bothered Zac. He'd just gotten used to it being the two of them. Now this.

"Don't be jealous." His mother kept smiling as she smoothed down his jacket before the big dinner party, before he went to pick up Syreeta.

"I'm not jealous." Zac wasn't promising though. This kid was younger than him, but still in high school. He knew he would hate this guy. He would have too. But with his mom out of commission for the next couple of months made him even more bitter. Somehow, he'd have to not let it show.

And he didn't, that night with Syreeta. He didn't want to think about his Mom. Yet, these people really liked him. He saw how they watched him. What was Zac going to do next? What ever title he was given he acted it out. And they loved it.

They were laughing with him not at him.


Street Fashion Paris said...

very interesting!!! keep on the good work!!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad he's having a good time. :)

Sara Gerard said...

Zac has a lot on his mind, I am glad that he was able to get away for a bit.

ivy's closet said...

I wish Syreeta was on his mind.

lucy and sarah said...

I do wonder how really happy he is, at home.