Monday, April 22, 2013

quite frankly

Kayla felt out of the loop, a lot lately. She wasn't expecting it. Exactly. But Audrey didn't even invite her to her wedding. And she still hadn't heard anything about a wedding shower for her.

"Was I suppose to do that?" Kayla looked at Audrey's mother as if a lot of this puzzle was missing pieces, lately. Audrey didn't talk to her anymore. Audrey avoided her like the plague. Even Aunt Odile aka Audrey's mom didn't talk about her, either. Actually, everyone was being rather quite around her.

"What?" Her aunt looked at Kayla as if she'd startled her.

"You know, should I suppose to be giving her a wedding shower?" Kayla questioned as Odile went to put the baby in its crib. She was done for the day.

"No. Of course." Odile's smile was quick. "I have dinner to get too. Luc is bringing over someone. And..and he has some news."

"Luc?" Kayla winced, barely remembering him. "He's in college? Right?"

"He should be, but I think he's doing OK." Odile told her as she was putting on her coat.

"Audrey and Aidan going to be there?" She wanted to know.

"Yes." Odile nodded.

Kayla hugged herself tight. She seriously felt left out. Was that what secrets did? So well hidden that everything is left cold and sad.

"I'm sorry," Odile looked at Kayla. "Did? Did you and Oliver want to come over, and join us?"

"No, no..we couldn't." Of course, she wasn't going to cook anything for dinner. Oliver generally came up with something.

"You sure? You're welcome to come over." Odile acted as if maybe she did want her there.

"I dunno. Audrey's been..well, mad at me..for something..something I don't even know..what I did." Kayla sighed.

"Its not your fault." Odile shook her head as if she'd take the blame. "She knows, you've gone through a lot of changes this year. You're a Mom." She smiled.

Kayla didn't quite believe that was the reason.

"We'll be expecting you over at seven." Odile grabbed both of Kayla's shoulders as if she meant to do something, but Odile just stared at her.

Kayla finally nodded. She guessed Oliver would go with her. She never went out with the baby unless he was there to help.


ItsMeRoxy said...

Great post dear!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Audrey would be more understanding. :/

mazzymay said...

Kayla is not perfect. Hopefully, she appreciates Oliver. I really hope she and Audrey can be friends, again.

ivy's closet said...

Poor Kayla.

lucy and sarah said...

Maybe this is a wake up call to Kayla.

Sara Gerard said...

Kayla seems nice enough, i think she just needs to get a better grasp of what is going on.

A N D Y S T Y L E said...

nice post ;)

ellie's desk said...

I just hope she can open her eyes and see her real life.

Caitlin and Megan said...

How can she just not be in love with Oliver? Hopefully, Audrey will come around.

MOSAMUSE said...

secrets are the worst things to keep!