Tuesday, April 30, 2013

such a quandry

Henry wasn't sure if he trusted Shan at the moment. He was a bit aloof, lately. Not completely.

They had their moments. He thought Shan was there for him. But was he completely his? He could see it in plain view. Something was going on with Shan and Fish. The friendliness. Their body language. He could see it evolving into something.

"What do you think of Fish?" He thought he'd get Bree's take on this. After all, there Shan's little step-sister was on a very quiet Sunday afternoon at the library. She was alone, looking through Pretty Little Liar books at a table.

"Fish?" She looked at him blankly.

"Yeah, does Shan talk about him at home?" Henry wanted to know.

"Not really." Bree shrugged first. "I mean, he takes him to work. Sometimes. That kind of thing."

"So? So, Fish has never been to your house?" Henry looked at Bree brightly. Although, as he glared more intently, he hoped she wouldn't lie to him.

"No." She looked at her book, as if she'd figured him out. It was sad, but the luster she had for him wasn't there anymore. Henry sensed it.

Henry hugged himself with a sigh.

She finally looked back at him as if she'd thought of something.

"I dunno, if it would help, but..but that night ..he went to that dinner party of yours..he..he.." She sounded as if she didn't want to say.

"He what?" Henry asked straight lipped. What was he suppose to do? Bribe her with the new Teen magazine from the desk?

"He..he went out again. I just thought..he was going to see you." She let slip.

Henry thought about that night. They'd done their usual good-bye which took the good ten minutes. A lingering kiss or two. Maybe more. He had a curfew. Shan didn't. He didn't want to think of Shan with Fish, but where else would he go?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Until Shan straightens out, Henry is too good for him. :/

ivy's closet said...

Things are so evolving with Henry.

lucy and sarah said...

Such a tough time for Henry.

ellie's desk said...

It is interesting to get everyone's side of the story. Life is always changing. Some things we can't stop.

I think of Henry as perhaps being a little controling. Perhaps more controling than he even realizes. These two definitely need to really talk, but sometimes, something else is on your mind when you are with the one you want to be with, hoping what you do together will change everything for the better.

Sara Gerard said...

Um, I am sorry. Did you really expect me to be able to read this post after posting a pic of an adorable buy with curls like that? HAHAHAHA.

ellie said...

hahahha..I agree Sara!

Linda said...

I'm hoping Henry gets this cleared up soon.