Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trouble is not our friend

"You used to date her?" Sawyer wouldn't swipe that smirk off his face as they loaded up the car with the junk food.

"We used to live together." Roger informed him. Was that totally impossible to believe? He saw how his brother's face lit up.

"Holy shit, why would you ever let her go?" Sawyer said while getting in the car and buckling up.

Of course, Sawyer never knew Ryan, and Ryan took all the pictures of them together before she left. As it was, she said that person no longer would exist. Then about two weeks later, his dad announced that his brother was coming to live with him just as his house sold.

It was a bit drastic. Living with two other men in the house. But there was room for all of them. His Dad took the basement and Sawyer took the other room upstairs.

Sawyer was rather shy and indifferent at first. Like he didn't belong here. There was his mother's mother, but she was now in a nursing home. It was down to his Dad to take him. Yet, his Dad was not a total stranger to Sawyer. Still, it was a secret his Dad had done so well to hide all these years.

Naturally, his dad pleaded to Roger, not to be mad at him. Of course, Roger was completely mad at his Dad. Yet, Sawyer had a way of making up for his Dad's digressions.

"Look, she's my ex and we are still sort of friends." Roger was trying to digest the whole thing about Olivia being pregnant. It didn't seem possible. And since she was, who was the father? His first thought was the idea that Olivia had kept a stash of Ravi's sperm somewhere. But he knew she would have never thought like that.

"Can we see her again?" Sawyer grinned.

"Not if you're going act this way." Roger rolled his eyes.

"How am I suppose to act?" He asked so innocently.

Roger wasn't sure if he was the best mentor around. "I think you just need to stick with all those graphic novels you've been reading. You, do not want to get mixed up with girls yet."


ivy's closet said...

He might make a great big brother yet.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh Roger would make a great mentor! :)

lucy and sarah said...

Sawyer, might be a handful

Sara Gerard said...

I think this living situation is going to make for some interesting stories!

Anonymous said...

Oh..I think I'll like Sawyer.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Cool. I'm glad Roger is back in the story.