Thursday, May 9, 2013

half life

Fish slid himself down the cool tiles and set there on the bathroom floor. He just couldn't get this right.  Why did he even try to be friends? Besides, he didn't really have a best friend.

Tears got the best of him.

No more, Shan. He'd have to stay away from him. He would. He was still in shock that he could make Henry mad.  Easy going Henry, of all people.

Fish wanted to laugh it off, but he couldn't. Henry thought something was going on with him and Shan.

He hugged himself, thinking of Derrick. That was not going to happen. Never. Especially, after Fish met Mitch.

Fish hated him instantly, but really Mitch was a nice guy. He was smart and creative and took the time to show him a few chords and where to hit the right keys. Still Fish felt his timing was all wrong. A lot like his timing in life. He needed to face the fact that he really wasn't like everyone else.

He could keep to himself. He knew how. In fact he was really good being alone.

His nose started to stop up and he cried more, thinking he had to get used to Derrick being with Mitch. It would happen. He knew it.

Hopefully, things would run its course with Shan and Henry, and they'd find themselves again, and it would be like nothing happened. He tried not to think of them ever being apart.

As he sat there, he remembered Kat and Wild and how they were trying to get along, but she still had little to do with Keegan. He'd try to help out more with Keegan. That's what he'd focus on. And the keyboard.

Although, he hated to take it home with him. He knew Zac loved that keyboard.

Fish rested his eyes for a bit. He doubted they even missed him in class. Maybe if he sneaked out now, he'd go to Kat's and see how Keegan was doing.

He still couldn't breath. Not until he got outside. He was halfway home when he got a text.

It was Shan. He wanted to meet up, but Fish texted back. Something about babysitting.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Fish really shouldn't be alone right now. :/

ivy's closet said...

I feel sad for Fish. He seems to be always on the outside, looking in.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope it'll get better.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know. I do enjoy your stories.

Sara Gerard said...

Fish really is the good guy here.

MOSAMUSE said...

poor fish :(