Wednesday, May 8, 2013

just another day

The more Henry thought about Shan being with Fish, the more angry he got. First it was a slow burn. Kind of. He'd try to figure out ..just what did Shan see in such a squirrel of a guy. Fish was practically a nuisance.

Fish wants you to feel sorry for him, Henry began to think. Shan just feels sorry for him.  But there were times, Henry started to wonder where was Shan, who wouldn't pick up his cell. What was Shan doing with Fish. Really?

After awhile it would get the anger burning, boiling mad. Possibly, suck the energy right out of him. Henry really didn't want to accuse Shan of anything, but there was this space and time that was gone. Moments when it should have been the two of them. Not Shan and Fish.

Could Shan possibly be in love with Fish? Henry kept telling himself not to go there. Not to believe it. It couldn't be.

Then he'd have this fear. Shan was talking to Fish about him. That's what this was really about.

So when he saw Fish lagging behind after the bell rang and everyone disappeared to class, Henry took the liberty of snatching him and pulling him in to the boys bathroom.

"What's going on with you and Shan?" Henry looked Fish in the eye. Henry had him pushed against the cool tiled wall. Henry even felt himself shaking inside, but he couldn't fall apart now. He meant business.

"Nothing." Fish was nervous though. All bug-eyed. Henry could see he could make Fish squirm.

"What did he say about me?" Henry glared at Fish as he towered over him. Nobody was coming. After all, Henry locked the door behind them and his forearm was wedged under Fish's chin.

"Nothing." Fish squinted hard grasping for air. "He's crazy about you, man." Fish barely let out. "He loves you!"

Finally, Henry let go. He watched Fish practically shrivel to the floor. He'd brought the kid practically to tears.

Henry couldn't say a word. He felt as if his insides might shake to the surface. Even his skin slightly stung as a cold sweat trickled down his neck. Henry didn't stay in the bathroom long. He hightailed it out of the school as if he needed to leave the scene of the crime.

Before he knew it, sunshine hit his face. Still, he didn't know what he believed anymore. Maybe Fish was a convincing liar. Yet, he felt like the jerk manhandling a cripple. See what Shan did? Immediately, came to mind. This was all Shan's fault. If he could just be honest. If only Shan could communicate. If he could do things the way they should be done.

Henry looked up at the bright blue sky. A few little puffy clouds were about. It was May and all was beautiful, except Henry's love life. Now he frowned, almost in tears as he walked away from the school pushing his bad hair to the side of his face. If only he had a cap or a hoodie, he wanted to be incognito.

Finally, it donned on him that he'd cut class. He was sure if he went back now, he'd end up in the Dean's office where they'd call his parents, and his dad would be here in a matter of minutes. No, he'd keep walking. Maybe the beautiful sunny weather was what he needed. Time to think. Time to figure out what was wrong with his love life with Shan. Was it just getting stale?

It was a lot of work, finding a place they could be free with each other. They could go out, hangout with Josie and Ian and who ever else, as long as they wanted, but it wasn't the same, finding a place to be. Alone. They couldn't at Henry's house, anymore. Certainly not at Shan's.

If there was any little time, then it was rushed and about as romantic as waiting for hot chocolate to microwave.

Now the thought of how far he'd taken it with Fish, stunned him. What was he doing? He still felt himself shaking.  Henry had never done anything like this. It was crazy. Henry's eyes sprung open. He never thought he was capable of crazy until now.

"Hey you," a voice woke him. A nice blue sports car caught up with him. "What are you doing out here, all by your lonesome?" It was Al from Cedric's party.

Henry gazed at him even lipped.  The car stopped.

"Well, get in. I'll take you, anywhere you want to go." Alf grinned.

Henry couldn't help but fill up with laughter. It was the best offer he'd heard all day.


Anonymous said...

What in the world is he thinking?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Henry is acting so out of character. :/

Take me to Tarah said...

This guy is bipolar.
Thanks for visting my blog.
Your visits make my days sweeter.
Take me To Tarah

Sara Gerard said...

Oh wow, he really has a screw lose!

Caitlin and Megan said...

OH, Henry..what a sad day. But it happens.