Monday, May 20, 2013

How to train your puppy

Alf definitely smiled a lot, lately. Of course, it helped that Henry was so easy to talk too. It also helped that it was just so simple with this kid. Actually, Alf hadn't felt this comfortable in a very long while. He could talk Henry into anything. Like his bank card. His parents credit cards.

Yes, Alf was very good at what he did. He was the supply in demand. These parties of Cedric were quite delightful and very handy. He'd made quite a few friends during his stay with Cedric. And to think he'd came here to help an old friend. Meanwhile, he'd helped himself, and things were very comfortable at the moment.

Not to say they'd always been that way. But somehow Alf always seemed to suffice. Perhaps it was his good looks. Or he preyed on the naive of others. He thought he was a good judge of character. Besides, he could take Henry places. Introduce him around. And if it all worked out, he could definitely use him to his benefit.

Drugs weren't cheap. He had to make money someway. Sometimes, it was a vicious circle. It didn't always work out to his advantage, but he was definitely doing his best to get Henry ready for the next phase.

Henry did like those little pills, and it would be any day now that he'd have to have them. And he'd probably do just about anything to get them. So if Henry needed a ride, he was sure to be there for him. Just a text away. If Henry needed new clothes or just a friend, Alf was sure to be the best. It felt as if everything was like clockwork. It wouldn't be long until it paid off.

"Just what are you doing with him?" Cedric finally asked. It was like he woke up. Of course, he'd been down for some time now. Even before his little sister died. He'd lost his job at the theater. He'd lost weight and was never actually aware of Alf.

There had been a time when Alf thought a awful lot of Cedric. Not so much anymore. He was just as much a mystery to Cedric as Alf was to him.

"Hey, your awake." Alf smiled as if to say welcome back. "Don't worry so much, OK? I gotta go."

Henry was needing something and Alf was definitely his Go-To guy.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Henry is definitely making wrong choices lately. :/

ivy's closet said...

Henry's got to get away from him.

Sara Gerard said...

Alf is really just using people, I hope Cedric kicks him out!

Caitlin and Megan said...

I hope Cedric wakes up before its too late.

lucy and sarah said...

Its gonna get bumpy.

Anonymous said...

He sounds wicked.