Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some are luckier than others

"I found out something." Willow had put off telling Dorian about seeing Ruben. But it was official now.

"Like what?" Dorian looked at her puzzled, as he was near the end of his shift.

"Ruben got a job at the University." She wasn't sure she believed it a first, but she'd seen him on campus. She spotted him with some professors, her mother was friends with.

"Oh really?" Dorian made a face as if she must have been joking. "Doing what? Modeling for the University magazine?"

"He actually teaches French and Spanish." Willow didn't mean to snarl her nose, but obviously Ruben was quite talented.

"Isn't that wonderful," Dorian snidely remarked. "Some people have all the luck." He blew a breath.

"I just wanted, you, to know, that..that he is around." Willow gritted, hating to be the barrier of bad news.

"OK, its good to know. Really good to know." He went back to cleaning up before he was off.

"So have you heard anymore from Eli?" She wanted to know, hoping she wasn't bringing up a sore subject.

"Not really. I think he was going to take off for the summer. Maybe travel." Dorian shrugged as if he was OK with it. He wiped down the counter, and then looked back at Willow. "Luc wants to ask Jason to dinner. But it'll look so weird."

"Weird?" Willow winced.

"You know, Luc and Olivia. Then I'll need a date and I'm sure Jason would want to bring along his fiancee. I mean, I..I don't want him thinking that I'm..I'm something...with him." Dorian looked sad as if he was the odd guy out. "I wish I had a date. Like a girl."

"Maybe you could ask..ask..Josie." Willow shrugged with a smile as if it might be her brightest idea yet.

"I don't think so." He shook his head, no. He told her about Derrick living at Josie's place now.

"Well, there must be somebody." Willow hugged herself. She wouldn't go. "Are you sure you just wouldn't want to bring a guy?"

"I haven't actually gotten around to telling Jason, I'm gay." Dorian hugged himself.

"Why not?" Willow went to put some clean dishes away.

"It just hasn't came up. He might not like me..if..if he knew." Dorian told her.

"Well, he's not much of a friend, then." Willow shrugged.

Dorian nodded and walked away, as if he had the worst luck.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Dorian would be less negative. :/

ivy's closet said...

Dorian just needs to lighten up.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Dorian's worries.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Dorian is a bit of a downer.

mazzymay said...

I can kind of understand where Dorian is coming from.

MOSAMUSE said...

dorian should lighten up!