Saturday, May 18, 2013

just one of the guys

Dorian still felt in limbo with Eli. It seemed they saw less and less of each other. Actually, he couldn't explain when it happened. Maybe he knew. It all had to do with Ruben even if Eli said it didn't. Of course, he'd pondered for weeks about the specifics.

Eli didn't like drama. Actually, there were so many things Eli didn't like. Dorian was beginning to realize he'd spent too much on a relationship that wasn't going to go anywhere. So maybe he'd let things go, too. Of course, it wasn't official, but it definitely wasn't what he'd hope for, either.

Yet, going to the Animal Human Society was a very good thing. No, he hadn't brought home a dog nor a cat, but he'd made a friend and was now volunteering on weekends at the shelter. He'd met Jason.

Funny, how he felt he'd known this guy all his life. They got along so easily. Jason knew a lot about the animals at the shelter.

Soon enough they were going places together and hanging out. A lot. It was such an easy going friendship. Finally, Dorian felt good about a lot of things in his life. No more dread, thinking Ruben would show up. Nor the idea that he might be susceptible to Ruben. Honestly, Dorian was beginning to think maybe he didn't have to be in a relationship.

"But you, like Jason." Luc pointed out as if that might mean something else.

"So. We get along together. Really, well." Dorian looked at Luc that he was above wanting some sort of hookup.

Dorian didn't get to see Luc as much after he moved in with Olivia. Still Luc's room was empty, back at Topher's.

"What if Jason moves into Topher's?" Was Luc's next scenario, as he sat at the coffee shop having a smoothie.

"He won't." Dorian winced. "Besides, he's getting married in the fall."

"Getting married?" Luc jumped to the conclusion or maybe he was joking. "This could get complicated."

Dorian rolled his eyes. "Would you stop." Dorian tilted his head and gave Luc a glare. "He's my friend."

"All right." Luc shrugged. "But I think I should meet him. Because after all, I'm your best friend." Luc reminded him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Animal shelters are heartbreaking - but it's wonderful to help the animals as much as possible! :)

ivy's closet said...

Glad Dorian is helping at the Animal shelter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Luc..looking out for Dorian.

Valerie Angel said...

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-♡ Valerie Angel