Monday, May 6, 2013

in the middle

Derrick hadn't meant to rain on anyone's parade. Seriously, though, he wasn't the most organized guy in the world. It was just an accident that he came across one of Mitch's flyer, he sent in an e-mail that was so long ago. Honestly, the guy e-mailed him at least once a week, and Derrick never returned them. Actually, he never checked his e-mail. But if he could think of one childhood friend who'd been the most faithful, it was Mitch.

Naturally, he avoided him like the plague, but he finally got the balls to call him. His house phone number hadn't changed.

"I had no idea you were even in Hatchet." Derrick started as if he might be selling something too.

"Go figure." Mitch wasn't quite as sweet as he used to be. Derrick knew he deserved it. He hadn't exactly been the best friend. Mitch tried to kiss him in fifth grade. Of course, Derrick was pretty upset about it, at the time. Here was someone who had no qualms about who he was, but Derrick didn't want to deal with it then. Still they were friends. Sort of, from a distance. They both liked music and Mitch was pretty good on the keyboard. So they'd practice from time to time in Derrick's livingroom when he was growing up.

He felt kind of sad that he hadn't kept in touch with him now. But if anyone knew what an arrogant dick he could be, it was Mitch... yet here Mitch was ready to help.

So Mitch stood back and listened. It was hard to read him. He was always serious when it came to music. Still, Mitch wasn't banking on music to get him anywhere. He'd graduated early and went to a college to be certified in AV. He worked most days at a big convention center now, and was only at home for dinner that night with his parents when Derrick called.

Even after five songs, Mitch wasn't exactly moving to the beat, but there was a slight smile on his face by the end.

"Kind of old school." He nodded.

"Its the cowbell, right?" Fish spoke up as if it was all his fault that the band wasn't any better.

"Its not you." Derrick shot him a look, but Fish only sighed as if he didn't quite believe him. Derrick watched him, wishing they could talk, but he knew it was best to leave it alone. Even at the moment, they were hardly friends. Derrick looked over at Mitch. Perhaps he'd done the same thing to Mitch.

He supposed he was asking too much of anyone at the moment.


Cece D said...

he's cute :)
\maybe you wanna follow each other on bloglovin' and google+? :)
let me know!

ivy's closet said...

Maybe Derrick will learn something from Mitch. Maybe they all will.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a sad situation for them all. :/

Sara Gerard said...

A bit awkward of a start, but I think they should clear the air maybe?

ellie's desk said...

Maybe it won't be that awful.

mazzymay said...

Sometimes, they need to learn some new things. Even in friendships and relationships.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, all will be better.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Maybe Derrick is growing up, even if he still has his problems.

MOSAMUSE said...

hopefully things will get better