Sunday, June 16, 2013

a little bit closer

summer of love

Luc held Olivia's hand. They didn't move too quickly through the day.

Olivia was showing a small baby bump now, and he thought it was beautiful. Hopefully, she knew that. He kept her from over doing it. They got ice cream while everyone else was out finding bargains.

"Just think, someone has my room now." He looked at her as if there was no going back to Topher's. She was stuck with him.

"Good memories in that bed." She admitted. "Hopefully, its someone who'll appreciate it."

"I think he will. I don't think the kid even had a bed and that was a big selling point. His parents seem pretty nice. That's what Toph said, anyway. Like the whole family moved him in, in like an hour. I don't guess he had much. He works at the movie theater." Luc shrugged as he licked on a chocolate cone while Olivia nibble at her strawberry cone.

At least there were less signs of Ravi at home. Most of the pictures were taken down of him, but she'd left a snap shot of Ravi. He wasn't completely forgotten, and Luc didn't want him to be. Ravi's parents called her ever so often. She'd finally gotten up the nerve to tell them about the baby. It felt like a clean slate, perhaps. He just hoped it wasn't too late for them to get married.

He finished up his cone. Besides he had something else on his mind, other than ice cream, he tossed his cone once they got out on the street.

There on bended knee in the shade of a sunny downtown street amidst all those treasure hunts Luc proposed to Olivia.

She sighed with a smile as she looked at the heart shaped ruby stone engagement ring. "Yes," she could barely breathe. "Yes, I'll marry you!"


Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...such a sweet moment for the two of them! :)

ivy said...

Really great to see them so happy!

Library Drama said...

Oh yeah! Great to know they are engaged.

Lucy & Sara said...

Sweet news! Love the collage too.

ellie's desk said...

I'm glad to see Luc growing up. He's a lot like some of my friends and of course, a lot like Lars.

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Love it! Great Sunday post!

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