Saturday, June 15, 2013

Do you get my vibe

It was true, Dorian never had this before. A friend quite like Lena.

He kept thinking she'd be on a bus going home in a couple of hours, but then she'd call her Mom. The timing wasn't right. Her mother was going some where. It seemed her Mom had a new life too. No hurry for to get back home. Nothing was waiting for her.

So they spent the weekend on practically a couples retreat out at the big yard sale, off in Iowa. Even Jason and Heather came along. And there were laughs and adventures in buying treasures.

Lena found a cushy loveseat she fell in love with.

"I knew you would." Dorian couldn't help but say. "Its so..."

"Us." She looked at him optimistic. They knew exactly where it could go in his room. At the end of the bed. It would be perfect.

Of course, Jason said they were in love. "You should just take the plunge, marry that girl." Was his advice.

Dorian kept smiling wishing he could explain it. But couldn't. He didn't want to spoil the trip. Besides, it wasn't all that annoying to share a bed with Lena. It was like two girlfriends having a sleepover, practically every night. They'd find something on Netflix to watch. Eat popcorn in bed. Actually, they did a lot of things in bed, but sex was not one of them. A part of him would hate to see her go.

As the day wore on, Jason talked about the wedding. His best friend from high school bailed. It seemed he'd had a bad breakup, and he couldn't make it to the wedding. "So, I know its short notice, but..but would you, mind being my BEST MAN?"

Dorian laughed. A wedding? It finally hit him.. this was something Jason was going through with. Dorian needed to accept that.

"Sure, I'd love too."

"Cool." Jason smiled. It was going to be a wedding in the country. Out at his uncle's farm. An August wedding. He told him about a fitting they'd have as soon as possible. "Maybe, it'll inspire you and Lena." Jason patted Dorian on the back.

He did his best to go with it. Lena would be his date. It wouldn't be so hard to make believe. Especially, since he'd just bought Lena a loveseat.


ivy said...

Oh, I do like Dorian and Lena together. That would be a tricky situation though.

Anonymous said...

As long as Lena knows the real Dorian, I think that's what matters. Hopefully, Dorian isn't falling for Jason.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I just don't want to see Lena get hurt. :/

Lucy and Sarah said...

Its good to see them having fun.

Library Drama said...

I think Lena knows what she's getting in to.

Caitlin and Megan said...

I do hope Dorian is looking out for Lena.

Tallia said...

This is an an intense situation!

Natasha Gregson said...

It sounds like they make great friends but I hope Lena isn't falling too hard for him :/ Hopefully they can keep this friendship up!!