Monday, June 3, 2013

Finding the Groove

Derrick knew it wouldn't have been the roar of satisfaction if Jordy hadn't been there. The crowd loved him. He was the essences of coolness on stage. He alone was all the crowd needed. It finally donned on Derrick that Mitch wasn't in Jordy's band.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He didn't mean to be aggravated, but thankfully, Mitch got them through their eight songs as if it were complimenting Jordy's work, somehow.

"You knew, he was going to L.A." Mitch worked as hard as anyone getting their gear ready to load up after they did their time on stage.

"Yeah, I guess." Maybe he'd forgotten. "I just know, you'd go with him."

"Why would I go with him?" Mitch's smile was a little irresistible. OK, he was seriously irresistible in Derrick's book, but now he wondered if Mitch didn't think he was good enough for L.A.

"Because you, are that good. You, should go with him." Derrick was pretty sure Mitch definitely had more to do with Jordy's success than he'd ever take credit for.

"He doesn't need me." Mitch kept grinning. "But, I think you need a drummer."

"Yeah.." Derrick hoped Zac was OK with that. He sensed that he couldn't stand Mitch, yet with all of Mitch's help they had plenty of new fans. They liked their music. "We definitely need one."

"Maybe you can talk Zac into letting Syreeta have a solo." Mitch shrugged as if they were moving on.

"Yeah, sure." Derrick nodded. They definitely couldn't ignore her talent.

Syreeta was so thirsty. She hated to break her rules, but she could definitely go for a Coca-Cola right now. She headed down to the drink machine, alone. It was hard to say how she felt about the concert. She guessed it was good. Zac looked pissed, but then again she was keeping her distance.

She put in her coins and pushed the right button for her drink. Slowly it rolled out and she couldn't wait to have a sip.

"Hey, Reesie." The voice sounded familiar, but it wasn't Luna. Instead, it was someone she hadn't seen in a good long time. Someone she'd known when she lived in a foster home. It was Evy. Syreeta drew a blank. She wasn't sure if she wanted to see Evy. Not that they were ever close. Syreeta had always stayed out of her way.

"Hey." Syreeta managed after she took a sip of her cold drink.

"Whatcha doing with all those white guys?" Evy made a face of disgust. She flicked her heavy braided hair behind her back. She looked out of place here. As if she should be off to a club in her skimpy shimmery outfit.

Syreeta winced.

"Its just a band. A band I like to be in." Syreeta didn't want to hate Evy, but she'd always made it hard to like her.

Syreeta heard steps behind her. It was Zac. She hoped Evy would be nice. She knew exactly what Evy was getting at. Syreeta was forgetting her roots. She'd heard it from her before, and here she was in her face about it, again. Years, later.

"Hey, who's your friend?" Shockingly, Zac was all smiles.

"This is Evy." Syreeta scowled, but Evy was pleased as punch to meet him. They shook hands and instantly, Evy was cooing all over him.

Syreeta rolled her eyes and nursed her drink.

Just like Fish expected, he was alone back stage watching Jordy do his thing. He supposed it was the best seat in the house. Well, he got to see his back side most. And a good view of the crowd going crazy with enthusiasm. But just like he figured, Derrick was off with Mitch. Maybe they were making out. Well, he would be. Possibly. If he were in Mitch's shoes.

Syreeta left him too. He bet she made up with Zac. So what if Zac could be grumpy, he had to be happy about the turn out of this concert, and how everyone was ecstatic to hear him. No booing.

Fish somehow got over his nerves, thinking his timing would be so slow. Mitch really was a good teacher. Fish couldn't hate him even if he wanted too. But Fish was alone now. His cell vibrated. He checked the text.

"Good news." Shan texted. They'd found Henry. Shan was at the hospital. "You were so great! Thanks for making my night."

Fish half smiled. He wished he could believe that, but he knew who really made Shan's night.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Fish is a sweetheart. :)

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Fish is happy for everyone. I hope they appreciate them. Good to hear about Henry, too.

lucy and sarah said...

How exciting. And to meet Evy too.

mazzymay said...

Such a great night.

Library Drama said...

Things are looking up and some down, too.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, lots going on at this show!

Caitlin and Megan said...

So glad Henry has been found.