Friday, June 21, 2013

full house


Zac was trying to decide if he'd done this on a dare or not. What was the real reason for asking Evy out?

Well, she liked the band. And he thought it best to move on. He didn't see anything wrong with that. And besides, she liked him. Evidently.

But here was something that scared him about her. She was streetwise. What if she figured out he wasn't nearly as tough as she was.

She hung out with people he didn't know. He wasn't sure if it were a good idea to know them, but she had him in the thick of it. And as long as she had him on her side, he could possibly manage it. He just didn't want to hang out in her neighborhood.

After all, he'd met her family, all foster kids, that all lived in one house.

"Maybe, you should meet my Mom now." He said after an evening of loud conversation over boxes of pizza. As it was, he didn't get a slice. He watched grabby hands and mouth fulls of pepperoni faced kids shout about sharing. Why couldn't they go shoot hoops? They weren't worried about drive by shootings.

Zac tensed more, thinking it wasn't possible for anyone to have to live in these conditions in his little town, but Evy lived closer to the city.

"What are you gonna do, after you graduate?" He asked after they left. Thinking he should have persuaded her to go on a real date with him instead of meeting her Foster mother and all those kids.

"Go to Metro, I guess." She looked at him as if he wasn't suppose to ask questions. Instead shouldn't they be doing something else about now in his car? Right in front of her house. Making out. But he wanted to hurry back to his house.

Of course, there would have to be a houseful.

Syreeta was there. She wasn't waiting for him which pained him even more. She was watching TV with Sawyer.

Zac looked at her suspicious as if she'd done it on purpose. She must have known he was going to ask Evy out. But Syreeta shared popcorn with Sawyer, they were watching Vampires Suck. She ignored him as if this was the way he'd want it to be.

Evy was happy to see Syreeta. She scooted in next to her. Zac cringed at the thought of all four of them on the couch watching a silly movie, but he wasn't going to dare ask Evy up to his room. She'd tried to jump him, already.

For once Zac wanted to do this right, yet it looked like she wanted something purely physical.

take me with you


Cafe Fashionista said...

Evy needs to slow down. :/

ivy said...

I'm hoping they can be friends, too.

Lucy and Sarah said...

So much Zac has to get used too.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Zac will get himself out of this fix.