Tuesday, June 25, 2013

how do you know


"What about Henry?" Bree questioned.

Shan knew he should have expected it. After, all his kid sister (half-sister) thought Henry hung the moon.

"I'm with Fish now." Shan stared at her, as if were no business of hers. They were in the kitchen alone. "I'm sorry. It just wasn't right with Henry. I dunno if..if you'll understand. Its just, I..I love Fish and he's a good guy. He's..."

"But he's not Henry. He's short and he has a limp." She winced, as if she intended to point out all of Fish's faults.

"Doesn't matter. He's there for me, Bree. And I think he's beautiful." Shan put his hands on her shoulders. "He has to be the strongest person, I know." Shan put his arm around her as if he really did want to be close to her, even if he'd moved out. "Fish is not out to change me. He's not out to make me be something I'm not. He's good. And he's patience. So many things I long to be, and I can be. I am better with him. I am." Shan was serious.

"You, won't see Henry, ever again?" Bree looked up at him as if he had to change his mind. No way, could he give up on Henry.

"I dunno. He says he doesn't know me." Shan winced. He hadn't exactly faced him after the accident. "Right now, he has a lot to work through. We'll see. Maybe..maybe we can talk some day. Just, don't hate me." Shan nursed his bottom lip.

"I don't hate you." She told him.

He hugged her tight.

"Its not your fault about Dad," Bree said into his white shirt. Luckily, he hadn't stained it yet. Seriously, he felt as if he were stuffed into this suit. Who's idea was it that he had to wear a damn suit under his graduation gown? He'd done it for his grandmother.

He watched his grandmother sniffing through the sweets as if there was nothing to eat. He grinned, thinking how nothing was quite as superb as her noodle dishes and egg-rolls. Yes, some things never changed. He knew he must spend the rest of the afternoon with her and her stories about people he never met, but were family, none the less.


Cafe Fashionista said...

She shouldn't talk about Fish that way. :/

Gail J said...

lovely post!

Sara Gerard said...

Aww! What a sweet moment :)

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Amazing! :)
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Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh, I'm glad they had a heart to heart.

ivy said...

This was sweet!

Caitlin and Megan said...

I think Shan is on the right track.

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