Monday, June 24, 2013

He's my man


Fish wanted this to be about Shan and nothing else. Not about their Saturday afternoon together. After all, it was Shan's graduation day.

With a little help from his Mom, they'd surprised him, after graduation, with a party. This included, inviting Shan's Mom and Grandmother, along with his Step Mom and his little sister too. They'd gotten Shan's favorites, smoked ribs with all the trimmings. And it all took place in his family's back yard. Honestly, Fish felt like he knew a whole new Shan.

Shan was happy, and it made Fish happy that he could be a part of it. Shan kept smiling as if it was a new beginning of some kind. Of course, no one spoke of his Dad. Not even a sad word about Henry.

Still Fish thought Shan might wake up to the fact that he still loved Henry and only Henry. Fish tried not to think it, but he would accept it. No matter what.

He knew Henry said he didn't remember Shan. Fish was there to see how oblivious Henry was about faces and names. Still Fish thought he might be faking. Maybe it was easier this way, letting Shan go, completely.

But maybe it was true. It just didn't seem right. How Henry knew so many things and people, too. Well, not Fish. He didn't know Fish... which that was OK. Fish didn't really know Henry, either, except for the fight he had with him. Once upon a time.

Yes, Fish guessed some things were best to forget. But how could Henry forget someone like Shan? Didn't he even want to know him, again?

Fish tried not to think about it now. It was great seeing Shan surrounded by his Mom and Grandmother. All this happiness.

"But this..this right here is the man who made it all happen." Shan beamed as he put his arm around Fish. "He knows what he did for me, to get that last term paper in on time." His laughter was contagious. Fish couldn't help, but smile. "This is my man." Shan told them all. "He rocks my world!" He toasted a tall glass of lemonade. "And I'm never gonna let him forget it."

Fish blushed slightly wondering what everyone might be thinking, but a part of him really didn't care. He felt they'd both given each other a new strength.


RaeAbigael said...

cool! :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

I just hope Fish doesn't get hurt. :/

ivy said...

Hopefully, Shan appreciates all this.

Anonymous said...

Its evolving.

Milex said...

how nice :)

Sara Gerard said...

Awww!! They are best buds and so much more, I love them :)

MOSAMUSE said...

its great that shan is happy