Sunday, June 23, 2013

warming up

baby blues

Why was it so hard to get out of this slump?

People were practically falling all over her these days. And Kat wasn't exactly smiling, just yet. But she'd gotten on at the police station. Thanks, mostly to her Dad and his connection. Being in the military helped her a lot, too. But she was pregnant, and not exactly ready to be on the force.

"They aren't exactly the greatest people to work for." Another female let her in on the secret. Her name was Penelope, and she didn't directly work for the police department on the beat, yet she worked in the school district.

"I mean, I've paid my dues, but I gotta say, I dunno if I'm exactly cut out for it, anymore." She told her she had a new baby of her own. They'd met at some meeting. Actually, Kat was a bit overwhelmed. She thought this was a small town, but they must have talked over an hour at the fire station about their goals for the next six months. No one said she had to have any.

"Don't worry, somebody will fix it for you." Penelope just grinned, and Kat smiled back as if it was good thing to find a friend around here.

"We should get together sometime." Penelope told her they were having a cook out and that she and her husband should come.

"My husband has a son." Kat let it slip. She hoped she didn't sound evil about it, as if she wasn't taking any responsibility for him. She sort of wasn't. She couldn't completely hate Keegan, but she'd been so irritable this pregnancy. What if she was having the demon child? She hadn't thought of that.

She was beginning to think of her moodiness. For the first time it wasn't a state a mind.

"Well, bring him." Penelope told her they had a little one that might be old enough to play with Keegan.

Finally, Kat felt as if this might be her chance to redeem herself. Maybe Wild would think she could actually get along with others. As it was, she was doing her best to stay indifferent with her family, but she was slowly warming up to them. And it helped to make a friend, too.


Milex said...

I think it's wonderful

ivy said...

Lets hope she makes a friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wished she like Keegan.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, she and penelope will be friends.