Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Do It

Syreeta wasn't sure why Shan was so happy, lately. He'd had a falling out with his Dad. He wasn't so fond of seeing his Step-Mom nor Mom for that matter. And his boyfriend was in a coma. Still that smile prevailed as if nothing could hurt him. Even as he scrubbed a pot in hot soapy water.

"So what's got you so down?" He asked.

"Nothing." She gave him her doe in the headlights look that she'd run from on coming traffic in an instant.

"Its that Zac? Isn't it?" He sounded as if he might be the guru to help her with all her problems.

She shook her head, no.

"Actually, uh.." She knew it wasn't worth mentioning. "There is this guy. Sawyer. And..and..well, I don't think Zac wants me to know him."

"Did he say this to your face?" Shan looked at her as if Zac might be a bully of some kind.

"Not exactly. But..see.." She blew a breath as she picked up a dish to dry and put it away before they could even think of tomorrow's dinner. "His Mom's boyfriend has a son named Sawyer, and..I guess he's younger than me. I think. Maybe. I dunno. He goes to some prep school. Anyway, he's really cute. But.." She didn't really know if he liked her. Only in her dreams, she guessed. "He might have a girlfriend." She remembered seeing him with this really stick of a girl at the movies. She seemed like a princess of some kind.

"I think you should just go to Zac's house and ask this guy out." Shan scrubbed more on the pot as if he might have found a new art to embrace.

"What? I couldn't do that."  Syreeta winced.

"Oh, yes you could. Be bold. Be fierce." He acted then as if he might get a part in a pirate musical, the way he said it.

Syreeta couldn't help but smile.

"Do it right now. Plenty of sunshine. Just ask him if he wants to take a walk." Shan shrugged.

"A guy would do that?" She squinted as if would take all the air out of her to do such a thing.

"It doesn't hurt to ask." Shan told her.

Syreeta was feeling woozy already. Just the thought of being around Sawyer. What if he was too young for her? She would be a Sophomore next year. What if he was still in Eighth grade?

"Go. Right now. Don't over think it. Just do it." Shan looked at her as if she was wasting time being here.


ivy said...

Sometimes, that can be the hardest part. Actually, taking the risk.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Syreeta can do it! :)

mazzymay said...

Hope she goes for it!

ellie's desk said...

Maybe her summer has already started.

Sara Gerard said...

Aw! Syreeta needs a guy in her life.

Caitlin and Megan said...

I'd like to see her with Sawyer.

Lucy and Sarah said...

It's great to see Syreeta taking chances.

Mimi said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for her. :)

<3, Mimi
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