Tuesday, June 11, 2013

what if


Where did the school year go? Daisy wasn't that fond of looking forward to summer.

Of course, she'd had a lovely prom. Although, it wasn't so significant. Yet, she'd dressed up, and Hansen was her date. Naturally, Sara looked divine with her lovely hair piled on top her head. It was as if she were a student of Lauren Conrad. How could Daisy ever compete with that?
Still, she found she'd become friends with Sara.

She really despised her in the beginning. After all, Max was completely smitten with her. Daisy just knew it would fall apart, but each time she saw them together, they were more closer than before. She had to get used to the fact that he was very much over her and was completely devoted to Sara.

Of course, Hansen was there for her. Although, she thought at times, she wasn't there for him. Sometimes, she wondered if he was telling her everything. It wasn't like he'd had an easy life, and she was still shocked he'd managed on his own for so long.

"Well, I haven't." He told her. "I have you. Your Dad." He told her they made a home for him, even if he were living in their basement.

Possibly, their romance wasn't nearly up to Max and Sara's. Still, she felt sure there must have been some comfort in their own, that prevailed.  But the question remained, were they too comfortable? Going to prom was possibly their only major event of the year. Would it be so relaxed this summer that she wondered if she'd even get him out of his work clothes and into something descent for a real date?

"How about a good old fashioned road trip." Hansen asked if she'd ever gone to Mount Rushmore.

That wasn't exactly what she had in mind. She was thinking Kansas City and shopping.

"We need a trip. That's what we need. If you don't trust my driving, we could go by train to Denver." He had a few friends still out in Colorado.

Sometimes, Daisy thought it was better to think of these trips than actually go through with them. Seriously, she liked staying home, and she liked having Hansen on the couch with her, watching TV. But he was right, they did need to travel. And it would be interesting to see just how they were together, on a trip.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Daisy needs to add a little adventure to her life! :)

ivy said...

Oh..they need to get out there and have fun.

Sara Gerard said...

I think they need to shake things up, put some romance in their relationship. Daisy needs to see if it is really worth it :/

mazzymay said...

Daisy needs to have some fun with Hansen.

Library Drama said...

It might be a very long summer for those 2.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope they'll have fun.