Saturday, June 22, 2013

something like home

Love is equal

Mitch wasn't expecting to make the rounds, after their night at a local concert.

It was fun going out with Derrick. It was one of their old haunts where they grew up. The speaker system was still a lot to be desired, but it was an old place where Derrick's brother used to work when they were in middle school. Honestly, it was the first time either of them got the idea (back in middle school) that they might want to be in a rock band because of that old concert hall.

Mitch played countless times with Derrick in his livingroom when they were younger and didn't know any better. Perhaps when it came to figuring out chords on the guitar or even the keyboard was their first common bond. They'd both been so focused.

Right now, he wasn't sure if Derrick was trying to show him off or just what.

After the concert they dropped by where his brother lived. It was late, but Max and his date were there. Mitch had to wonder if they'd interrupted something. Max was nice enough and talked to both of them as if he wished he'd been there at the concert.

"Naw, it wasn't that good." Mitch shook his head.

"He's totally right, but you know, they tried and it was loud." Derrick agreed.

Before they got to Max's, Derrick wanted to stop at some girl's house. Daisy. Luckily, when Derrick didn't see any lights on, he didn't stop.

"What is the deal?" Mitch wanted to know.  He guessed he was OK with it. A part of him couldn't stop himself from smiling about it.

"I just want all my friends to know...." Derrick shrugged. "Who ..who you are." He drove on to their next destination, where he was living now.

"OK." Mitch guessed it was a good thing.

"They'll bug me about it." Derrick was serious. "Tell me, I'm keeping you a secret. And I don't want you to be a secret."

Mitch smiled. It was different now. Yet, it was a lot like he'd always wanted it to be. And a part of him still wasn't sure it was possible, but maybe it was.


RaeAbigael said...

interesting post! :)


ivy said...

Glad to see Derrick being open about the right things.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I'm so happy for the two of them! :)

Minza. said...

I love Spencer and Toby :)

Great blog!
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Sara Gerard said...

What a great start to summer!

Library Drama said...

I think Mitch is the one for him.