Tuesday, July 9, 2013

in a galaxy far away

Some called Henry, giraffe boy. He wasn't sure when it happened, but he kind of liked it. He bobbled along on the sunny afternoon with a mission in mind. Vada.

Feeling how the ink spread against his forearm when she wrote her phone number was fresh on his mind like a pleasant tattoo he wouldn't mind getting, again. He couldn't help but smile. The tingly sensation was still with him. But as the blocks wore on, he was afraid he was lost. It took a lot longer to get there than he imagined.

"Where are you?" She texted.

"Somewhere." He figured out to spell and send.

"That's not helping. Tell me what you see." He took a picture and sent it to her. He really did have a cool phone now. Henry wasn't sure how to use it.

"I can't get your photos." Vada texted back. "My phone is a dinosaur."

Henry couldn't help but laugh. Finally, he looked up to see the street name. He texted. She rang right back for him to stay put.

But when he saw her, he wasn't sure he knew her.

"What happened to you?" He looked at her blankly. "You're hair is really weird."

She was with a boy. Henry looked him over.

"Are you two in a movie?" He wasn't sure what was going on.

"No, stupid, its Starwars." The boy looked up at him as if Henry was an idiot.

"Shut up, Cody." Vada snapped. "We're playing Starwars."

"I'm Luke Skywalker." He informed him.

"Oh, well, nice to meet you, Luke." Henry grinned as if maybe he was an imbecile, after all.

"No, he's Cody. He's playing Luke Skywalker." Vada explained the spaceship movie to him. Henry drew a blank. He didn't know what they were talking about.

"He's no Hans Solo." Cody informed Vada on the walk to her house.

Henry still wasn't sure what he was doing. But he couldn't tell Cody to go away, he'd just have to watch and figure it out.

"He's Chewbacca," Cody said as he crossed his arms.

"Who's Chewbacca?" Henry winced as he almost tripped over his red Chuck Taylors.

"Oh, you'd like him." Vada nodded. "Everyone likes Chewy."

"Really? This a trick or something?" Henry winced wondering if he'd ever know the real Vada or not.

"Its a game. Sort of." Vada sighed. "Are you in?" She looked at him.

"Yeah. Sure. Of course, I'm in." He shrugged, but it would be nice to see the movie first. "When can we do that?"

"I dunno." Vada looked at Cody. "We have our English tea party, tomorrow."

"What's that?" Henry tried to keep up with them.

"Its where we have tea and peanutbutter and crackers and talk in British accents." Cody told him.

"Oh, do I need to wear a suit for that?" Henry wanted to know.

"That's a great idea." Vada looked at him as if Henry were amazing.

"Are you kidding me?" Cody made a face. "I'm not wearing a tie." Cody fumed.

"But I have Evy's old prom dress to wear. She swears she'll never ever wear it, again." Vada swelled a frown at Cody. They fussed for quite a while about it. Before Henry knew it, they were doing a fight scene. Of course, Vada had Cody pinned to the ground in no time.

"That was just practice." Vada told Henry who just watched. She was a lot more agile than he realized. He definitely wouldn't want to make her mad.

"Are we at your house, yet?" Henry looked behind him. They were in somebody front yard. But it was such an old house. Suddenly, Henry worried that Vada lived in a big haunted house. Just what had he got himself into?


Cafe Fashionista said...

I do wish Henry would be a bit more careful. :/

Sara Gerard said...

They are all so cute and young!

ivy said...

As I think of Harry...I kind of wish he was more like Henry at times. He's growing up so fast..all those tattoos. Hopefully, he'll remember his youth..and home too.

We had a friend who was in a group home, due to some complications with drugs. I still don't know how nor why he showed up at our house like he did. Of course, I feel bad now, that my brother nor I know what happened to him.

Lucy and Sarah said...

I think Vada might be opening some new doors for Henry...like his creativity.

Take me to Tarah said...

I have catching up to do.Cute!
I really like what you did here.
Thanks for visiting my blog,Take me to Tarah