Monday, July 8, 2013

May the force be with you

starwars princess

"Oh, crap." Vada looked at her text. He actually remembered her phone number. A chill went down her spine. Henry wanted to come over.

Her long legs in the white leggins sprawled across the front steps as her white poncho bellowed out in the summer breeze. She stared down at her silver snowboots that were falling apart. Did she even care if he saw her like this?

Well, it wouldn't matter. He was not her type. She decided.

Her dark hair was almost like Princess Leia's from Starwars. Except it was sort of coming undone. Honestly, she knew she didn't fit the part, but Cody didn't seem to mind. He didn't look much better as Luke Skywalker.

"What's wrong?" He was in some of his older brother's gear from football, mainly white knee pads, that made him look a little robotic. He was in a white karate jacket and cutoff track pants. They were using big sticks as weapons.

They were not professional role players, by any means. They just made it up as they went along.

"I-I guess I met someone." She blew a breath. At first, she thought Henry might have been a lost celebrity. He was that kind of amazing. He honestly was. People, like him did not exist in her world. But the longer they talked, she knew people like him did exist in her world... because he was not all there. "Its no big deal." She shrugged.

"I hope not." Cody looked at her serious. He was small and she was so tall. They were barely 15, but she felt ancient around him, sometimes. "Is he gonna be Hans Solo?"

Vada made a face as if there would never ever be a Hans Solo.

"You know what happened to Gage." She gave him the eye.

"Yeah, he thought he could make out with you." Cody nodded. "He got physical."

"That'll never happen again." She smiled as she held on to the stick that she used for many things. Yes, she'd hit Gage where it hurt, and he'd gone home crying.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I like how feisty and fierce she is. :P

Natasha Gregson said...

I love the star wars theme :P She's certainly the one in control!

ivy said...

I think I'm gonna like Vada.

Sara Gerard said...

She is so fiesty!

Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh, this'll be interesting..for Henry, too.

Library Drama said...

I like her.

MOSAMUSE said...

vada seems nice... but something tells me she will have a darkside

Courtney said...

yay starwars! ps new follower!!! i'm loving your blog& stories! stop by sometime <3

Xo Courtney ||