Sunday, July 7, 2013

the potenial of you and me

The Potential of You & Me

"What are you, thinking?" Mitch asked as he got a little cozy with Derrick on the blanket as the fireworks began.

Derrick had his hands under his head. He didn't want it took look too obvious. Besides, he was sure there might be some drunk idiots that wouldn't take too kind to their coupling.

"I dunno. I like this 4th. A lot better than last year." He told him. Of course, that might not be completely true. He was with Dorian which was the last thing he'd ever expected. It might have felt like a mistake later, but not at the time. It was certainly a wild and crazy 4th last year. Now it was subdued, but nice.

Although, he felt kind of scared. Yet, he was looking out for Mitch. He didn't want anyone to hurt him. Yet, he remembered how he hurt Henry last year. That alone made him restless.

He hadn't seen Henry since his overdose. He felt bad that he hadn't. It was weird that Henry would remember him, too.

"I..I got drunk last year. And..and I punched Henry." Derrick finally fessed up. "I mean, really Henry is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet, and I hit him." Derrick bit his bottom lip. "I don't even know why I did it and then..then I hooked up with this guy.." He didn't know if he should tell Mitch this. "I'm really not the best boyfriend. I mean, I could write a book on how to ruin a relationship." He lifted up on his elbows then, as he looked around to make sure someone wasn't coming to botch their night. Of course, everyone was watching the fireworks.

"I'd run away from me, if I were you." Derrick settled back down.

"I know you're a hot head. I know you think, your special. I know you're a jerk." Mitch shrugged. "But I still see a potential." He wasn't looking at Derrick.

"What? Kind of like that song? The potential of you and me?" Derrick winced.

"Maybe." He shrugged once again.

Derrick didn't want to think too hard. Maybe, he'd wait and just see where it could go and hope it would be an energy he could take too. He didn't move, and that's when Mitch kissed him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's cute to see Derrick fess up about hitting Henry. :)

ivy said...

I think Mitch is changing Derrick for the better.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Good that they are together.