Saturday, July 6, 2013

the changeling


If only Henry had his phone. Audrey could kick herself for even asking to come to this thing. They'd had such fun last year. It was fun until Henry got in a fight with Derrick. Why did she forget this stuff?

Henry really wasn't her Henry, anymore. She didn't know what to make of him. Of course, she'd fought for his job at the library. He could do it, some day. But Asa told her they needed someone right now, and he knew someone perfect for the job, only he wasn't telling her.

Of course, there were other things on her mind these days. She didn't want to think about it, but there it was lurking at every corner, ready to say boo. Who was the real father of Kayla's baby?

Well, she wasn't going to say it out loud. No, she wouldn't breathe a word of it to Aidan. He'd give her an ear full. Tell her to worry about her own problems. Not someone else's. But it was on her mind as they made their way through the concert grounds by the river.

"This is just a stupid place to have a concert." She decided. Her luck, Henry fell in the river, and it would just show Aidan what an idiot he'd married.

Well, she'd done drugs. Henry had done drugs. Henry overdosed, she reminded herself. HENRY OVERDOSED. It still went off like an alarm of some kind. He was such a good kid. She wanted her Henry back. This one could care less what she had to say. It was like he was off in another world.

This was all Shan's fault. She hugged herself tight as if she'd tell that guy a thing or two if she saw him tonight. She was ready for a shouting match. Although, she kept her mouth shut. If they ever found Henry, they'd take him home. Park him in front of the TV. He could watch fireworks on TV.

And then she noticed he was with a girl. Audrey did a double take. Did this mean Henry wasn't gay, anymore?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Audrey shouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly. :/

ivy said...

Oh..that mind of Audrey's.

Lucy and Sarah said...

She's so funny.