Monday, July 1, 2013

keeping up the fight

Henry had been away for a few weeks. It felt like years. The rehabilitation. But it was progress.

His speech was on the mend. He didn't sound as strange, anymore. His syntax was up to speed now, for the most part.

And he was remembering.

Although, there was much he didn't want to remember. He didn't want to talk about. Why must they? Wasn't it best to forget some things?

Besides, it took a lot out of him to get to this point. To come home. Wasn't that enough?

A part of him felt he was starting over. This meant leaving out Shan. In the beginning it was so true. He couldn't even recall his name. There were only certain people who came to mind.

Derrick was the first he remembered. Perhaps it had to do with first love. It was a happy thought. Not these nightmares about someone called Alfie.

When he'd first laid eyes on Shan, he didn't know him. It was true he didn't. But as the days wore on, he came back to him. So did sadness. It was nothing like he'd felt for Derrick so he decided to keep it at bay. No, he didn't remember. He didn't want to. He kept his word.

Besides, the memories seemed rather one sided, perhaps. Or just fuzzy. Besides, he wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

There were other obstacles to face. Like remembering Academically. Reading was hard. He'd been cross eyed for a month or so. That's how it started. He wore a patch. Shades. He couldn't stand to read.

Did he really have to know what was so freaking great about the 4th of July?

"Go ahead, and tell me I'm stupid?" He wanted to throw a history book at the tutor who was trying to help him play catch up, so he'd be ready to go back to school.

It just wasn't working. So many memories faded. But no, he really hadn't forgot Shan, even if he said he did.


ivy said...

I hope he won't give up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He just needs time. :(

Lucy and Sarah said...

It would be frustrating..but that's great progress.

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Henry! It sounds slow, but a lot better since the last time!

Lucy and Sarah said...

I hope he'll get back to being Henry.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad for him.

MOSAMUSE said...

wishing him the best