Sunday, June 30, 2013

right now

Ian had something to say. Of course, he didn't know how anyone in the family would feel about it. He really wasn't up to discuss it. Especially, after all the hoopla of graduation.

Yes, he'd had plenty fun with the festive party and everyone being there for him. Even Oliver, Kayla and the baby.

He'd almost lost it. The happy family. He really didn't want to envy Oliver, because he was the brother who deserved happiness. Of course, a part of him knew he'd taken it away from him, one way or another.

No way could he discuss it with Oliver. He couldn't break it to his step-mom nor his dad, either.

"I'm moving back home." He finally said to Eric when they were alone.

"You, are home." Eric looked at him as if it must have been some kind of joke.

"Not really." Ian shook off the feeling that this was just temporary. He didn't belong here. It was hard enough to be this silent for so long.

"But what about Josie?" Eric winced as if she were his priority.

"She has another year of school." This was the tricky part. He did love her, yet he needed to let her go too. She wasn't his to keep. "I think we need a break."

"Does she even know?" Eric asked as if this were a terrible mistake.

"Not yet." Ian crossed his arms. There was the trip. Possibly, not as sweet as he imagined now. He wanted her to have a good time. Although, he hadn't thought that far ahead. But he knew he couldn't do this anymore. Being so close to something he couldn't acknowledge. "It'll be for the best."

"How do you know that?" Eric brought up about his studies. Wasn't he going to college in the fall? Had he thought that far ahead?

Ian didn't even want to listen to Eric's questions. He knew he had to get away. Now.


Street Fashion Paris said...

Love your story!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Ian. :(

ivy said...

Its so complicated for him. Hope it works out.

Sara Gerard said...

Lots of big decisions! Oh and lovely header! Yay Sasha!

Lucy and Sarah said...

I hope this is the right choice for him.

Natasha Gregson said...

I hope it all goes ok and works out :/