Saturday, June 29, 2013

Something like before

Maybe Lena was wearing out her welcome. Another morning, and Dorian was gone long before she awoke.

He seemed a little preoccupied, lately.

Of course, getting the letter from Eli with a picture of he and his new boyfriend, didn't help. Eli sent the letter to her. However, it was delayed getting to her, but it finally arrived, even if it was a month old or so.

"Maybe, they aren't even together, anymore." Lena shrugged it off.

Eli met Deiter in some popular dance club in Munich. He sounded all giddy as if Deiter was the most amazing guy on the planet. He looked plenty nerdy to her. She couldn't imagine her very shy half-brother keeping up with someone who actually danced, no less.

Dorian looked at the letter when she got it. He didn't have much to say. Instead he hurried off to do something. Run, she guessed.

He was running too much, she decided. He wasn't really eating. He was getting so thin.

She imagined their weekend at the yard sales was so different. It was so fun. Possibly, it was the best little vacation she'd ever had. There were people to talk too, her own age. Other couples. Finally, she felt as if she belonged, even if it might have been a technicality.

Now, she felt a little out of place, as if it was her time to go. She knew Dorian was hurt, even if he wouldn't say it. But there was nothing she could do. She got up, in Dorian's sweat pants and his tank which was possibly a little snug on her.

Of course, it wasn't going to be a turn on for anyone. Still she felt as if she needed to cover up. She grabbed her sweater as she slipped on her cheap flip flops.

"Hey, you're up," Dorian said when he opened the door. Yes, he'd been out running, but he'd hardly broke a sweat. "Want to go out for breakfast?"

She hadn't expected him to offer. Usually, the most exciting thing they did lately was watch THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE on Netflix in bed.

"Sure." She wondered what this was about.

Soon, he went to shower and came back in slim jeans and a clean baseball shirt as if to hide the fact he might be shrinking.

He took her over to the University to the coffee shop.

Somehow, she was expecting bad news of some kind. Maybe he detested her now. Why did she feel as if she'd missed something? She hadn't expected him to be her boyfriend.

"How would you feel about helping me run the place while everyone is away this summer?" He asked when he brought her a smoothie of her choice and a scone.

She looked around.

"Really?" She hadn't imagined that. "I..I just thought you were going to tell me, its time to get lost, or something."

"Why would you say that?" He chuckled. "We make perfect roommates."

She nodded. Deep down, she thought so.

"You know, we're just two girlfriends, looking for prince charming." He bit the corner of his bottom lip, from smiling too much.

"Look, I'm so sorry, about ..and Eli." She couldn't help to be sad about it.

"He's found a boyfriend." Dorian shrugged. "I was never the boyfriend. I didn't want to be the boyfriend."

Lena winced trying to figure it out in her head.

"Oh." Lena understood he was being totally honest. She'd just never thought of it that way. " tell me, about this job."


Cafe Fashionista said...

They have a lot of catching up to do. :)

ivy said... interesting. I'm glad they'll be together over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Eli and Deiter. Hope you write more about those 2.

meg said...

Oh, the things Lena is learning about her brother.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Liked the way Dorian explained that to Lena.