Monday, July 22, 2013

not an option

Evy wanted to peel that prom dress off of Vada the moment she saw her. How could she?

Vada was off playing tea party with two guys who had to be in love with her. The dress looked ridiculous. She'd taken a beautiful strapless gown that looked plenty on Evy, but on Vada, it looked like a tube top with jeans. Of course, Vada wore a clean white Tee underneath and fake skinny jeans. The kind you could find at the drugstore. Leave it to her to be practically G rated.

Of course, Vada was the least of her worries. Evy gritted hard as she went to her room to be by herself.

Zac was being weird.

1. They hadn't had sex yet. They'd had three dates and still, nothing.

2. She kissed him, and for a second she thought she got him to kiss back.

3. Syreeta was the problem.

He'd called her Syreeta one night not long ago when he was walking her to the door. Who did he think he was with?

This kind of thing did not happen. And she'd been with a lot of guys. Not that she was talking. It was best to keep hush hush. Her foster Mom didn't know about it, and Vada better not say a word. As far as Evy was concerned. It was under control.

But Zac was not cooperating. At this rate she'd have to call Ray, her friend with benefits. But he was off at college, probably football camp. He was moving on. His grades were good and so was his life. She doubted he had time for her.

Only, it was worth a try.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope it works out! :)

ivy said...

Oh..Evy. Hopefully, she isn't going off the deep end.

Lucy and Sarah said...

I guess it must be over between her and Zach.

Anonymous said...

Strange times for Evy. So reckless.