Sunday, July 21, 2013

seeing the truth


"After, seeing Archie with his Dad, I knew I'd been so wrong," Liz said to Willow once they were alone at Jules' old home. "How could I've done such a think to Jules?" She broke down over her cup of tea.

Willow wasn't exactly how to comfort Jules' mum. After all, she knew they were in his mother's favorite room in the house. The kitchen.

"Do you think it was wrong of me?" Liz looked so troubled about it.

"Well, his dad is here now." Willow sighed. She had no idea if it were too late, but she honestly thought she knew the real Jules, and she loved him. Unconditionally.

"Rufus, was in out of jail. I could never, really completely trust him. Honestly, there was a time, I didn't know if..if he'd even make it through the night." Liz looked shattered. "I honestly, thought he died on me a couple of times. I wanted to keep Jules away from that sort of thing." She looked as if she was reliving some sort of vivid flashback. Willow could see why Liz would want to keep Rufus away from Jules.

"I was almost married, you know, when Jules went off to the states. I could be Rufus' wife by now." She was so upset. "We had this falling out at the last minute. I told Jules' I'd met a Spaniard. One minute I'm on cloud nine and then..nothing."

"He's wondered about that husband." Willow smiled, thinking perhaps Jules never believed the made up story, but maybe he did. He just wouldn't ask.

" so much better with you. He truly is." Liz told her. "I know he's left this life behind. And I can't make him come back. I wouldn't."

Willow smiled. She knew Jules wouldn't come back as who he used to be. He was stronger now. She did believe in him.


ivy said...

Liz is quite different than I thought she'd be. But, I'm glad she thinks a lot of Willow.

Milex said...

amazing sense of style

Cafe Fashionista said...

Liz is an intriguing character. :)

Lucy and Sarah said...

Liz has truly been a single Mom. She's protected Jules..maybe, but I'm not so sure she's protected herself.

Anonymous said...

At least Liz is admitting everything to her daughter-in-law.

MOSAMUSE said...

great writing!

EMA said...

That is such a great outfit combination!