Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm the driver

Thank God for Syreeta and her family. Honestly, Sawyer wasn't sure if he could have made it through the summer without them.

Not that he had anything against Franny and her house. She was sweet and Dad was even sweeter, but they were pretty much home-bound. Which he understood, due to the aftermath of her heart surgery. If it hadn't been for all the invitations from Syreeta and her family, it would have been such a lonely summer.

Zac certainly wasn't pitching in. He had his band and various dates. Like a new girl every weekend. Sawyer didn't know what happened to that one girl Evy. He wasn't going to dare ask. Zac wasn't one to talk about anything. Evidently, he was popular. Sawyer guess it paid off to be in a band. Perhaps, not financially. Still, it felt like he lived at home with a stranger. He was certain it would stay that way.

But Syreeta's family took him on day trips to the nearby amusement parks in Kansas City and even to Iowa. Syreeta's Dad liked fishing trips too. It made Sawyer smile more when her Dad said, "Finally, someone to go fishing with."

So, it was great to hang out with Syreeta. It didn't hurt that her brother's boyfriend gave them free passes to the movies. It was definitely a good summer. Although, it was hard to say if they were more than friends. Maybe, it would be wrong to make it official. Yet as the long days got shorter, Sawyer really wanted it to be a little more kissing.

Ever so often, the holding hands was enough. But he wanted the kissing to be a part of it before it was too late. Unfortunately, the timing never seemed to be quite right. Her Dad was always around with some helpful smile. Waiting for that moment was like waiting for endless traffic to get by. If only they had more moments alone.

Syreeta felt as if summer was never enough time with Sawyer. She considered him the best part of it. His smile was infectious. Of course, driver's ed and driving with her Dad were two things she could live without. But they were definitely the obstacles she faced everyday.

"Maybe, if we take Sawyer with us, you'll drive better," her dad said, as if that would perk her up. It didn't. That was the last person she wanted to see her stressed behind the wheel. However, picking up Sawyer was her next destination.

Naturally, she was sure she might back out in front of somebody as soon as he got in the backseat.

"See, when Syreeta gets her licenses in December, I bet you'll be her number one passenger." Her Dad turned to Sawyer.

Syreeta looked in the rear-view mirror at him, thinking that was the last thing Sawyer wanted to hear. He was after all, a year behind her.

"Cool." Sawyer nodded. "Actually, I never plan on getting my driver's license."

"You don't say?" Her father winced as if that were the most absurd thing he'd ever heard.

"Syreeta can drive me around, all she wants." He grinned as they took off.

They drove a couple of blocks and made it to the old town area. Naturally, her dad was trying to get her to go on the freeway which would be like being in her very own horror movie. Carefully, Syreeta went on their drive. She'd hate to have a carwreck with Sawyer. She had to pay attention.

"You know, you drive a whole lot like my grandmother," Sawyer said as they neared the freeway. "Super slow."

Her Dad chuckled.

Syreeta's knuckles turned white on the stirring wheel. She didn't say anything, but she wondered what kind of driver Sawyer would really make.


Milex said...

how amazing!

ivy said...

Sawyer is such a guy.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sawyer's a little strange. :P

Mr K. said...

So good!

mazzymay said...

Boys have such a male psyche that they know best..sometimes. They can be peculiar with out even meaning too.

Anonymous said...

Boys are strange. But they are sweet together.

Janice Thi Tran said...

This is really interesting. Cannot wait to read more from you!
xx, (✿◠‿◠)

Sara Gerard said...

Awww! They are so cute! I hope more kissing and driving happens for them this summer!