Tuesday, August 6, 2013

its just an attitude

When Dean got home, he saw the new bike, first thing.

"Well, its not really new." Vada played it down. "Henry fixed up a bike he found at Good Will."

"He's definitely sweet on you." Dean reached for an apple on the dining table. He knew he better stay out of the fridge. It was almost supper.

"I'll just have to be more sour." She said ever so sweetly.

"Yeah, it might get you more," Dean smirked.

It was quiet in the house. Which was a little strange. He listened for a whimper.

"Baby Jane found a home." Vada looked a little glum. "That means we're down to two."

Dean nodded and wouldn't say another word about it. He knew how she got when other people got adopted. Usually, babies did find homes. She would get emotional, and still to this day he wasn't sure if she were happy for them, or was it the thought that she'd never have a home, quite like that.

She was quiet and went off to her room.

Dean set down in the livingroom and turned on the TV. No, Evy to annoy him.

She'd been more weird than usual too. It seemed rather late in the year to have a bad case of spring fever. Perhaps, that wasn't the best word for it. She'd really been flirty, lately. He'd even pushed her off of him. He was afraid he might get in trouble for that.

He did like his space, and he knew she could really put the pressure on him to be more than brotherly to her. It was strange, how she wanted to be more than friends. Actually, it was most definitely new. And now he avoided her at every turn.

It wasn't that he hadn't kissed a girl. He had. Now he was a bit disgusted with himself that he didn't even know her name. He'd gone to a few parties when he was on the wrestling team. There would be girls. Of course, underage drinking which usually meant mashing faces together in the end. Perhaps, it was not the best conditions to meet someone. He'd never hooked up, not like the other guys.

Perhaps, he was just vain. Of course, he got it a lot that he was gay. But he knew they were just picking a fight. He didn't give them much thought. Thus, he didn't go to many parties. He hadn't gone anywhere this summer. It was highly unlikely he'd be going anywhere. And he liked keeping it that way.

He flipped through the channels and found something he was sure his Foster mother would approve. Something from PBS.

A tap came to the door. It was Vada's best friend Cody.

"What's this?" He didn't look too pleased about the bike.

"You know, how Vada is. She hasn't even warmed up to that thing. It takes her forever to open Christmas presents. I swear there were a few still sitting in her room, untouched, on Valentines day." Dean shrugged.

"God, I'm going to lose her. I just know it." Cody was in a pout.

"Try not to be so competitive." Dean winced as he finished up the apple. He dropped it in the kitchen compost. "I don't think she can be dazzled." Dean shook his head. "You, are her closest friend."

"No, you are." Cody looked completely sad about the possibility of losing Vada.

Dean smiled. "Aw, she's just a sister to me." He gave Cody a pat on the back not to lose faith in Vada, even if fate was right around the corner.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Cody needs to be less paranoid. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Cody seems a little over the edge, not sure.

Borys Korban said...


Like ur blog so much !

please come and visit mine ;)

Caitlin and Megan said...

Really, I do feel so sad for Vada. I wish Cody would think of her feelings..than just his own.