Monday, August 5, 2013

You're with stupid now

"Oh, Henry," Vada could barely get the words out of her breath. She was speechless. He'd came all this way with a beautiful bike. And it was baby blue with a strawbasket. "You, really shouldn't have." She knew she was smiling too much.

Honestly, she didn't know he'd be here at eight in the morning. At her house. She probably had some baby spit up on her shoulder. Still she gave him a hug.

"I dunno." She was a bit weepy. Vada didn't mean to be."I don't think I deserve it, but thank you."

She really tried to  hold her smile. "Its so much." She nursed her bottom lip. Vada couldn't help it. "Really, you shouldn't have." She fought back tears the best she could.

"What's wrong?" Henry winced as if he didn't get it. "Why aren't you happy?"

"Of course, I'm happy." She blubbered, hating for him to see her like this. "I don't know how to ride a bike." She shrugged then.

She knew she better get back to the baby sitting.

"Well..I'll teach you," he said in the next breath.

"Of course, you will." She nodded. "But, I have to go in now. I help out in the mornings. At least, until school starts." She thanked him with another hug. "I love it. I do." She sighed, but how could she tell him she didn't need anymore presents from him.

She understood he was a giver. And he gave such amazing gifts. She knew she could never top this. What had she really done for him?

Deep down, Vada knew it was just a matter of time. Soon enough, he'd know just how stupid she really was. She was certain of it now. She could never be that friend he thought he knew. She was nothing like that girl.

"I gotta go." She told him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Vada wouldn't be so hard on herself. :(

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Vada needs to be more confident.

ivy said...

I do feel sad for her.

Lucy and Sarah said...

She really a good person. I hope she'll know that ..before its too late.