Sunday, August 4, 2013

Never say Never

if it makes you happy

Dorian was at least well now. Of course, it meant staying with Ruben for a few days. And perhaps Ruben made up for all the things he did wrong before. Dorian decided to stay with Ruben.

"You're not mad are, you?" Dorian felt bad about leaving Lena in a glitch.

"I'm not that mad at you." Lena shrugged. Dorian at least came back to get his stuff. Now Lena could have the whole room to herself. At least Topher would have someone here to rent the room. It looked like Lena was staying.

"They'll think I'm an idiot, going back to Ruben." Dorian could hear it now from Luc. Mainly, Luc, but he didn't even live here anymore. And actually, he'd never really gone anywhere with Ruben, until now. He liked Ruben's place and after all, he did get him to the doctor and definitely had been there for him the last few weeks.

"As long as you're happy, that's all that matters." She smiled as if she were happy for him.

Dorian guessed she was right. He went to stash his clothes in boxes. He really didn't have that much. He left his Flat screen TV for her.

"I met a guy." She said ever so slyly, and then smiled as if she might be in love.

"How did that happen?" Dorian was curious.

"Ruben introduced us." There was a little wiggle to her shrug that made him think somebody was really happy.

"Ruben?" Dorian winced. That was the last person he ever thought of, who'd play cupid.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish he would just be happy for her. :/

ivy said...

I don't think he means too, but I can see Dorian is only thinking of himself. He might never realize it.