Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's Holding You Back

the heart of it

"Maybe, it could work, long distance." Jama shrugged with a smile as she counted the money in the cash register. "I'm impressed. You, were with this lass, a whole year. And you, let her go?"

Ian was listening, but not really. Maybe he just wasn't right in the head. He kept thinking of how sad Josie looked when she left.

"Its for the best." Ian was putting the different goblets and mugs in their place over the counter at the bar.

"Now who you, shit'n exactly, aye?" She told him he looked like crap.

"I can't sleep." Yes, Ian's lids were heavy with sleep, but he was here to work.

"Serves you, right." Jama smirked. She went to the office to do something on the computer.

Still, Ian felt he was drifting in to oblivion.

 It wasn't cool. Especially, to break a girl's heart on holiday. It was selfish. But was there ever a good time?

His cell buzzed. It was a text from Oliver, asking what was up.  Ian didn't respond. He put the cell back in his jean's pocket. It buzzed again. This time it was his brother Eric asking him if he was OK and that he missed him.

Ian gritted, feeling so mellow that he was pretty sure it was an illness. That was all he needed. A cold now.

He turned off his phone. Possibly, it was a good idea to go cold turkey. At least for a bit. Until, he could really realize it was true. He'd broken up with Josie. And to think, he'd been waiting all this time for her to break up with him on the least little thing.

Ian groaned ever so slightly, as he almost dropped a wine glass from its place. He never wanted to go through a break up like this, ever again.


Caitlin and Megan said...

Break ups are hard.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Breaking up is hard to do... :/

ivy said...

Poor guy. Maybe he deserves it.

Lucy and Sarah said...

That is interesting how he thought she'd break up with him. Perhaps, things didn't feel as right as he hoped.