Friday, August 2, 2013

still in love with you


The laughter came to a halt. Of course, Josie did her best to act as if nothing happened with Ian.  Especially, when she was with Haley. They had some good times. Yes, she was sad to come home, and even in the end, she hated to let Ian go. She couldn't help but hug him tight until the very end. All along, she hoped he'd see it was a mistake. But he was staying. He would be at Haley and Jule's house.

Suddenly, everything felt so overwhelming. She even thought she might talk someone into letting her stay, but then she thought about her mother. And she did miss home. Although, she felt as if she might have gone into coma on the flight home.

Her ears were so stopped up. She couldn't hear a thing. Finally sleep set in. Funny, how she dreamed of the prairie, and she was sleeping in the back of a wagon. Even that was a bumpy ride too.

In her mind she wanted to keep remembering Ian. Now she wondered if she'd ever really listened to him. Maybe she thought she was helping him, but she was beginning to think she wasn't very good at helping people.

She knew she was clingy. There was time to think of all her faults. All the bad things that ever happened to her. And then Dylan.

She texted Asa, wanted to know how he was doing. It was a small surprise when he sent her a picture of him. It made her smile. Now she really was emotional. Happy. Sad. She could hardly breathe the last few hours she was on the plane. By the time she got home, she ended up at the doctor's office with an ear infection.

Nothing like getting sick over a guy with jet leg and an ear infection. She stayed in bed the rest of the week.

"Maybe, you should give Henry a call." Her mother said finally at the end of the week. "You brought him back something, didn't you?"

Now Josie didn't want to discuss Henry. Yes, she'd brought him back a Tee shirt. He'd probably hate it. She was beginning to think she didn't know him, anymore. Of course, he hadn't returned any of her texts nor phone calls. She was starting to think everyone hated her.

Of course, Derrick was happy to see her. He didn't even care that she didn't bring him anything. He was in a good mood. His band had played some festival, and there was Mitch, who was happy to see her.

Yet, she was in a horrible funk. Maybe things would get better once she started back to work.


Cafe Fashionista said...

This is the perfect excuse for Josie and Henry to reconnect! :)

ivy said...

Such a bad time for Josie.

Lucy and Sarah said...

This is my kind of luck. I do feel for her.

mazzymay said...

What else could go wrong???