Friday, August 23, 2013

just in case

Ready for the worst

 Hansen texted Daisy. He knew he wouldn't hear from her. She was like that. She always called  the shots. He knew she'd text when she decided.

He really felt like an outsider now. Maybe he always was. He had good reason to think Daisy and Max were together, but he walked passed Sara. He didn't want to dare mention it. Maybe he was wrong, and she didn't look all that worried. She was her natural cheerful self at the cash register.

Hansen had to keep believing it would work its self out. There might come a day that he'd have to move out. Possibly sooner than later. Hansen thought he and Daisy were at least friends, but he wasn't so sure anymore. He might have been her boyfriend project that she couldn't get into, anymore.

Just as he got past the last minute bouquet of flowers, he was stopped by a blond with lots of curls.

"I thought I saw your pickup truck in the parking lot." She was all smiles.

"Julie? Right?" He squinted, thinking how did she remember? He'd help jump start her car a few weeks ago, after a concert. He waited to make sure she got home all right. Actually, he didn't even notice her at the concert. They'd met in the parking lot as he was leaving. Luckily, he was parked next to her little compact car.

"Yeah," Julie told him she couldn't forget a name like Hansen. She then said he should be in a band.

Hansen was flattered. He couldn't help but smile. She wondered if he had some time to kill. She needed to find detergent.

"I haven't washed clothes in weeks." She was on her way to the laundry mat. Soon enough, he knew she was telling the truth. There was a big load of dirty clothes wrapped in a sheet in the backseat of her car.

Hansen helped her with it. After she got the clothes on, he got food from the deli where he worked, and they talked over sandwiches at the laundry place.

She talked about her journalism adventures. She'd gone to the past music festival in Austin. "But we have plenty of bands that come through here, too."

"So how do you feel about rockstars?" He wanted to know.

"I hate them." She laughed. "Seriously, most of them think they are God's gift to women. They're so self asorbed."

Hansen only chuckled. He couldn't help but enjoy her laughter. This time, she made sure she had his cell number in her phone.



Cafe Fashionista said...

It's insane, but I feel like I am Julie. I wrote about local bands/musicians for a newspaper for 8 years, and I feel the same way about their personalities and egos. :P

ellie said...

Oh, I have met a few lead singers over the years..actually, my cousin married one for about 6 months. Love your insight. Your comment made me smile.

ivy said...

I'm glad Hansen has found Julie.

ellie's desk said...

I just watched Harry on THE TODAY SHOW with the rest of 1 Direction. You gotta wonder if that's in his persona, too. A wee bit self absorbed. Yet, you know, he appreciates the crowd. I think they all love their fans.

But, I'm with Julie. And Hansen might be perfect for her.

Sara Gerard said...

I liked this! I hope to see more of her, Hansen needs someone like this in his life.

Anonymous said...

Julie has a free spirit about her. Not afraid to speak her mind. I'm glad Hansen found her..or maybe she found him.