Saturday, August 24, 2013

still friends


"Well..isn't this a surprise." Lola beamed. She hadn't heard Ian's voice in ages. It didn't matter if it were before dawn. She couldn't sleep, lately. So much to do before her move to New York City, it was time to embrace it. "How are you?"

"Not bad," Ian said, but she wasn't sure she completely believed him.

"If you're calling about Josie, I haven't had a chance to see her, since she got back." Lola guessed that was why he was calling. She knew from Daisy about Josie and Ian's breakup.

"I didn't call about Josie," he assured her. "I called about you. Hoping you'll still go through with this. You know, bright lights ..big city...thing.. I'm excited for you. Really."

"Thanks." She was glad they could still be friends. Although, she hadn't make an effort to call him.

"Just be prepared." He told her.

"For what exactly?" She wanted to know.

"I dunno. To be alone," he said. "I didn't mean it.. in a bad way. I mean. Just give it a chance. You know, the city. The people. Just enjoy it. I know you'll get the hang of it. I mean, you're an artist. And..well, you expect certain things. Like having some time, to yourself. I can't think of anyone better than you, making this journey."

"Wow," Lola sighed as she flopped back on her bed. She felt happy and sad all at once. But the more she listened to him, the more confident she felt that she and Crosby could go the distance.

"But how are you?" She asked.

"I couldn't be better. Learning what sells at a pub." He told her.

"And what sells?"

"Certainly not nachos." He kind of laughed. "They expect a good hearty sandwich and of course, fish and chips."

It was good to hear from him. She'd make it a point now. At least a monthly call. She got his address. She'd definitely send him a post card or two.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see them connecting! :)

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ivy said...

I like that Ian can talk to her. He does need someone he can really talk too.