Sunday, August 25, 2013

Totally not with it


"What is happening?" Josie's twenty-one questions was more than annoying.

Daisy squinted hard. She couldn't talk about it with Josie. But here Josie was in Daisy's messy room. She really wasn't expecting company, but Josie wanted to go do something. Only she never said what.

"Nothing. I'm fine." Only Daisy felt numb. It was a bit much. The bus trip with Max. Of course, there was more to it, than visiting his dad. Yes, they'd had sex. Granted, it was more or less breakup sex. She guessed. Maybe they didn't makeup.

She wanted to say they did, but he hadn't called.

They weren't drunk when it happened, but it was what she wanted. And he didn't question it. Honestly, Daisy couldn't say it was a mistake. It couldn't be a mistake. She nursed her bottom lip  now. It didn't feel so wrong at the time, but it was.

"What is wrong?" Josie's big eyes stared at her as if she wanted the simple truth. Daisy wouldn't give it to her.

"I just haven't felt well." She shrugged.

"Why is that?" Josie hugged herself. "What's Hansen done, this time?"

"Nothing." Now Daisy glared a Josie. "Have you heard from Ian?" Daisy thought she'd give it a shot. Why did this always have to be about her?

"Now why would he call me? Why?" She wailed as if she hated that question.

"I dunno. He's a nice guy." Daisy shrugged.

"Did you ever want to hook up with him?" Josie's question came out of nowhere.

Now Daisy felt like pulling her hair out.

"What is going on with you?" Daisy winced.

"Just..come on. I want to go shopping. Anything. I'm so tired of being at home. All the time." Josie groaned.

Daisy sullenly went to her closet. She better do this. After all, Josie was her only friend now. Lola would be leaving soon.

"You know, what we should really do call Lola. We should do something with Lola." Daisy said and she snapped a cheap sun dress from the hanger. She hoped Josie wouldn't decide what she needed to wear.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A day of shopping is never a bad idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope they can be in better moods to each other soon.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Oh, Josie..I dunno how I'd feel about having a friend like her.

ellie's desk said...

She and Daisy have a bit of a love hate relationship. I'm just glad Josie never hooked up with Max..even if she did date him first.