Friday, August 30, 2013

Leaving on an airplane

Crosby and Lola

Crosby felt faint. Maybe he was sick. Just love sick for Lola.

He'd so wanted to spend the night with her, but of course, it didn't work out that way. There was so much packing for her to do and all those good-byes with family.

Now, it was as if they did an awkward dance around the airport. He'd be hugging her. She'd hug him back, then there was something she had to do and she'd let go, but he never let go.

Crosby wished he could handcuff himself to her and get on the plane. He wanted to be with her.

Of course, she'd tell him, everything was OK.

"I'll call you, as soon as I get there," she said, still smiling. He wasn't. Instead, he felt as if he were gasping for air. Evidently, as she was finally about to aboard the plane, he must have looked like a real sick puppy. She dropped everything and came running back to his arms.

He kissed her like he didn't want her to dare forget him. He would never ever forget her.

Finally she had to go. She had too.

"I will call you. I will." She almost wailed.

"I know. I love you." He was ever so sad, he looked over his shoulder and was certain that Mom of hers did not like him at all, but he didn't care. But he knew now why he didn't get to spend the time with her like he wanted. It was all Lola's Mom's fault. How he wished she hadn't came back from Arizona.

He waved and watched her leave down the terminal, but Lola didn't look back. His throat ached so. He could barely breathe. Tears slipped from his welled eyes. What would he do without Lola?

all that matters

Lola was too nervous to be upset. Still she thought of Crosby's hot body. She wished he was still next to her on the airplane because she was freezing. But she kept smiling. It was all she could do. She was actually going to New York City.

Of course, she wasn't sure if her teeth were chattering because she was plain cold or her nerves kicking into a new gear she never knew before. She sat back and looked at her notebook. She'd written down her new roommate's name. Ashley.

She wondered what she had to look forward too. Lola was going to have an open mind. She was going to be away from was the city. Still, she was going to be her usual self. She found Ian's address in her notebook. His phone number was already in her new cell. She even had his e-mail address.

Of course, there was Crosby to think about. She missed him, already. At least she'd gotten to stay out with him late the night before. They'd said their good-byes then. She guessed. Although, she didn't want to think of this as a goodbye. She'd see him. They would call each other. Write. Skype. It was not the end. She would not let that happen. Besides, this was just another chapter in her life. That's what this was.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things work out. :)

Sara Gerard said...

I think Lola is being really smart about this! Crosby is going to have it rough, I hope she remembers to call!

ivy said...

It will definitely be a change for both of them. I think I'm more worried about Crosby than Lola.

mazzymay said...

Poor Crosby. I feel for him.