Saturday, August 31, 2013

the end of summer

one summer

Vada was certain now, riding a bike in the park was a good feeling. Definitely a beautiful freedom. She loved riding her bike with Henry around the park.

However, it wasn't so pleasant in the beginning. She thought she might kill herself on the thing or probably break the bike, right in front of Henry. But he was patience. He hadn't hurried her along. She kept practicing and following his lead.

He was actually a pretty good teacher. Perhaps, she had him all wrong.

A part of her felt he was the one who always needed to be in control. Maybe, he did, but she knew he meant well. Still, she knew she needed to tell him some things.

He probably wouldn't want to hang around her at school.

Oddly, she only had one resource class at the end of the day. Most of her classes were regular. She guessed her reading was better. Still she felt so behind. But this summer had been the best. She loved the fact that Henry was OK with the Star Wars role-playing. He'd even managed to get along with Cody.

Vada hated to see summer end, but she wanted to stay positive about school. It was high school.

"I doubt I see you, much at school." She told him she had a late lunch schedule. "Besides, I am a Freshman."

"That's not a big deal." He promised, as if he'd make time, no matter what.

"You, sound like I'm your only friend Henry." Vada shrugged hoping she didn't say the wrong thing.  She steadied her bike."I bet you make friends easy."

"No, I don't." He shook his head.

"Oh, yes you do." She didn't believe him. She'd seen the pictures at his house. There were some happy times.

"Not, anymore." He did look troubled.

"Its not like I don't want to be your friend, Henry." Vada sighed. "Its just.. you, don't want strange friends."

"What are you, talking about?" He looked at her funny as if she was trying to break up with him, when she knew they weren't exactly going out, nor doing anything, for that matter.

She got off her bike and went to the waves of green grass. It smelled sweet and it was cool as Vada plopped herself in the middle of it, as if it might swallow her, but the grass wasn't that tall.

"I'm not normal." She just said.

"Well, who's normal?" He sat next to her.

"I bet you, don't have this huge file that takes forever to get through." She looked him straight in the eye.

"You, are normal, Vada." He informed her.

"I barked like a dog, for a good long time." She said ever so solemn.

"Really?" He smiled at her.

"Really." She was serious. "I dunno why I did it. I just..felt like it. Maybe. I mean, I used to stay with our dog in the kennel. A black lab. I can remember the dog. I don't exactly remember what my Dad looked like. But I liked the dog." Now she was upset. She hadn't thought about her family in a really long time.

"I don't even remember my Mom, but her hair was dark, like mine." She told him.

"Vada." His words were soft and kind. He put his arm around her. "I don't think you're crazy. I think you're brave. And....and sometimes, everything is crazy. I'm just glad I met you."

"I'm glad I met you too." She nodded. "Its just, I think you need more friends. More than me. When is the last time you've had a real guy friend?"

He looked at her as if she knew something about him that he didn't want her to know.

"You, be brave. Talk to someone. Really talk to them. OK?" She couldn't help but stare into his eyes.

"But, all I need is you." He sounded so certain.

"You know, that's not true." But she took his hand before he could run away. Not everything could always go his way.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Seeing summer end is always bittersweet - but it does mean that fall is almost upon us! :)

ellie said...

Love your quote!


lovely,love summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh, that was a good heart to heart. I'm glad they have each other.

ivy said...

This was sweet.