Sunday, September 1, 2013

who would have thunk it

What had she done? Jama hadn't meant to totally turn Ian off.

She couldn't help but start on how she'd watched him grow up. It wasn't like she was a decade older than him. But she was a few years older. Definitely, she was suppose to be wiser. Wasn't she?

Maybe she'd kissed him to forget someone else.

Now that she thought on it, she was beginning to think it was just rebound sex. A one off. Yes, she believed that was a fact. Except, it occasionally happened more often now. It was really easy to do. Because she fancied him. She kept telling herself she never did, but it was like an old vice creeping in.

They were friends. And work was good. He was nothing like Marco. Telling her she was terrible one moment and fantastic the next. Maybe this was the way to ward off Marco.

"I don't have a rule book to go by, exactly." She finally decided to explain it to Liz, Jules' mother. After all, Jama was there so often now.

"Doesn't look like its killing you. It isn't. Evidently." Liz made her a brew with a touch of cream.

"Well, isn't that grand? Coming from you." Jama's laugh was more silly than usual. Someone needed to tell her what to do. "I know, Marco will never marry me." She scowled ever so unhappily. "I know how he is. I can't trust him. I can't. Poor Ian, he deserves better. He does." She shook her head. "He's good for business, you know. More regulars now. The old ones are back. Say its traditional." She sipped her tea and took a cookie.

"Well, you could keep him on." Liz shrugged.

Jama nodded.

"Its just. I remember him..he was this sweet little boy..and now.." Maybe she was making too much of it. She'd been this same height since she was twelve and a lot people still thought she was only sixteen. "I'll be twenty five at the end of the month."

"Is this about getting married?" Liz asked.

"I dunno." Jama didn't want to give it much thought. She bit her bottom lip. "Can't think of anyone who'd have me." She blew a breath. Deep down, she knew what she wanted. It was here. Not something that was going to blow in like the wind, one day.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope she gets what she wants. :)

ivy said...

I really think Gemma deserves something good. Really good.

mazzymay said...

Hope Ian knows what he's getting in too.

Anonymous said...

I really love your writing!