Monday, September 2, 2013

Only the lonely

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Henry wished he knew more about Vada's life. What really happened? But he knew he couldn't come to terms with things that had happened in his own life.

He wanted her to be the only person he saw at school on the first day. Of course, she wasn't. She was walking down other halls, and here he was feeling claustrophobic wondering what people thought when they saw him.

He didn't want to explain himself. He couldn't. Of course, he wasn't a celebrity. He wanted to be ignored. So he ignored anyone who might try to say anything to him. But it was a lonely life, and by lunch he was in search of Vada.

He couldn't even find Josie. Suddenly, it donned on him that all his friends were girls. Was he afraid of guys?

A part of him wanted to get on his cell, call his mom to tell her he just wasn't ready to go back to school. What if he was never ready?

And then he saw Fish. He thought he might have a panic attack. But then he bumped into Leo who was messing with the milk shake machine. He was mixing up flavors.

He said he could sit at his table. But he was sitting across from Fish. So Henry carefully sat a little farther from Fish, but closer to Leo.

"I'm gonna hate this year." Leo put it out there for what it was worth. "The most boring classes. Ever." He sucked on a shake. "And these are nasty." But he continued his diet.

Fish remained mute.

"I dunno." Henry doubted he could comprehend any of his studies. He wanted to say it was because he just couldn't, but maybe it was because he didn't want too. Maybe he had given up.

"About what?" Leo looked at him as if it was a game of some sort.

Henry bit into a stale fry.

"Everything." Henry felt useless.

"Hey, its gonna be great." Leo slapped his hand on Henry's back as if it was time to snap out of it. "Football game this Friday night. You'll be there, won't you?"

"I guess so." Henry felt he had to say.

"Fish'll be there." Leo looked over at him.  Henry eyed Fish who glanced at him.

"Of course, you'll only be there for the halftime show." Leo smirked.  "Who cares if those losers ever win. Am I right?" He looked to Fish and then to Henry.

The football team did have a losing streak.

Henry tried a little smile. Honestly, this year was totally going to suck.

Faces of Fish


ivy said...

I'm glad Henry is having to face Fish.

Anonymous said...

I really feel for Henry, but I'm glad he's let Leo back into his life, too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I wish Henry would be a bit more optimistic. :/

Milex said...

pretty good.

Natasha Gregson said...

I think facing Fish is the best thing to do, if he keeps avoiding him it would be harder. Maybe throwing himself into classes is the best thing he can do :)

MOSAMUSE said...

i hope it gets better!