Tuesday, September 3, 2013

not that I care

not that I care

Fish meant to say something. Anything, but he couldn't. He couldn't even look Henry in the eye.

He felt so guilty. After all, he had Henry's job. Henry's boyfriend. He felt so cold, like an iceberg, all on his own.

The cafeteria was crowded. Leo was sitting on the edge of the band crowd. Fish listened to girls talk about who had the best flute lips and how had they used them over the summer. It was sick. He felt more disgusted, but Leo had offered him the seat and then went off for a milkshake.

But then, that wasn't the most obvious thing that was going through his head, at the moment.

There was this note. Left there by Josie, for Leo.

Fish wasn't going to do anything, and then he saw Henry coming.

"What did you do?" Shan acted now as if it was some sly move in a caper of some sort. He was full of grins, and happy to see Fish at the library after his first day of school. They were off in the breakroom where Fish had a few minutes to spare.

"I tossed it to the next table." Fish sounded as if it were a bad thing. "I dunno why I even did it. But what's gotten in to her?"

Shan made a silly face with a shrug. "Guess, she's desperate. You know, Ian didn't come back."

"I know." Fish knew he had nothing to do with it, but what if it was meant to be. Her and Leo. He felt really sad about it.

"Its so stupid." Shan smiled shaking his head. "Who does shit like that?" Not a word about Henry. Nothing. He was still so cold. There was a certain hate Shan held against Henry. No sorrow whats so ever.

It troubled Fish a bit.

"Romantics. I suppose." Fish shrugged. "Leo's so shy. I dunno if..if he's even in to girls. I don't think he'd know what to do, but it might have been perfect." He squinted as if he'd made a mistake.

"Maybe, you did him a favor." Shan shrugged back as he went to buy Fish an orange drink from the soda machine. "Josie just likes to mess with your head."

Fish knew they weren't on the best of terms. He knew it was over Henry, the forbidden subject. Fish took the drink and nursed it before Shan could go on a tangent about Josie.

"Just wonder who got the note?" Shan smirked, but then said he didn't care.

"Dunno." Fish still felt bad about doing it. What had got into him? Maybe, he was a romantic too. Just a different kind of romantic.


Cafe Fashionista said...

So many emotions running wild for both of them. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, so much going on here. I really like Fish, but I can understand how awkward he must feel.

ivy said...

Shan is definitely good at being down on a few people, but I'm glad he's there for Fish.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh..this could get interesting!