Wednesday, September 4, 2013

don't you want to know

First day of the rest of your life

This was the day. No turning back. Josie was tired of feeling sorry for herself.

Finally, someone who appealed to her. Leo.

He was a fitty. She was certain Halie would agree. She'd even sent Halie  a photo of him with her camera phone. An unknowing shot. See, she was not a ghost, after all.

Yes, she'd been blue..what felt like forever. She'd gone over and over the whole thing in her head. About how it happened. How Ian was not here. He didn't choose her.

True, it would have happened. No matter what. He was suppose to be in college. She knew he'd let her go. Somehow. But this. This was just cruel. Like he'd blown out a lit candle in one small breath. They were over.

Josie hadn't meant to let it hurt so bad. She wanted to say it was just ridiculous. She was fine. Oh, she wouldn't let her Mom near her. She needed to figure this out on her own.

After all, this was freedom. Wasn't it? A new school year. A new guy. Still she felt herself drowning as she folded the note.

"Don't do it." Daisy made a face when she figured it out. There, in the lunch line. "You, don't need to do drastic."

"Why do you, care so much?" Josie winced. Yes, she guessed Daisy was here for her, but she'd never be that best friend. She had her own problems with Hansen, didn't she? Josie didn't believe Daisy was completely over Max, who was God knows where. Probably in the parking lot on a lunch phone call to dear sweet Sara, sipping a tall can of tea.

"Its too soon." Daisy informed her. "Do you, really want him to be the rebound guy?"

Josie rolled her eyes at that. It was just a whimsical thing. She so needed whimsical. She needed to be excited about something.

"Daisy, you're being so dramatic." Josie was bitter even if she didn't want to be. So she walked away. She wasn't even hungry.

Leo would have her number. Maybe he'd call. And if he did, she thought of all the possibilities. He was a diamond in the rough. What made him so special was the fact, he had no idea he was even handsome.

Josie couldn't help but smile. Oh, he might be the best boyfriend yet.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I just want Josie to be happy. :)

Sara Gerard said...

Josie really needs to feel better, but I hope she is careful!

ivy said...

Maybe she's thinking positive.