Sunday, August 18, 2013

Like the first time

a love like that

"But, I wanted to see, you, all dressed up." Tony looked a little sad about the occasion. Actually, he loved weddings. Except, they made him cry. He didn't know why. He just couldn't help it.

Of course, he imagined himself crying like a baby at his own wedding. Maybe that was why he had never been serious about anyone until he met Lena.

"I don't think I knew Jason at all." She shrugged.

Tony shrugged back. They held hands as they walked the campus in the late afternoon. They did a lot of walking. It was true he was a cheap date, a lot of the time. They'd gone to free concerts on campus and any other free thing the campus might have to offer.

For a while, he'd gone pink with his wardrobe. Naturally, everyone suspected he might be a fruit by then, but he didn't really care. That's what happened when a red sock got in the wash.

He didn't exactly come from money. Of course, there were many in his family that maxed out their credit cards to keep up with the neighbors. Except, he and his mother were the outcast. They might as well have been gypsies as many times they'd moved. And then his little sister Angie came along, like a little miracle which made his Mom settle down.

"What can I do to get your mind off ..all this?" It was time to not talk about weddings.

Lena finally smiled as if she was glad he was a distraction.

"I know what we should do." It finally hit him. They should travel. It was the weekend.

"What?" She winced.

"Lets go see your mother." Deep down he knew it was a test. A big test for him. Seeing what her Mom might think of him. Also, it would be interesting to see just how well they managed on car travel. Yes, this just might be the end, but Tony was willing to chance it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Tony's a good sport! :)

MILLY said...

I just found your blog and I really like your concep :)
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Anonymous said...

I like this post!

ivy said...

I like Tony!

Lucy and Sarah said...

Oh..a guy who cries at weddings! He just might be a keeper.

Tallia said...

this is really well written!

MOSAMUSE said...

tonys nice :)