Saturday, August 17, 2013


just another day

"Are you, serious?" Lena was in total shock about Jason's reaction when Dorian told her about it, at work.

Lena had hit it off with Heather. They didn't exactly do much together. Still Heather texted from time to time. She'd gone out with her to a movie once, and Lena met some of Heather's friends that were in the wedding. She'd even tried to talk Lena into being a part of the wedding, but Lena didn't feel comfortable.

"I should have expected it." Dorian shrugged as if he were OK with it, but she knew he wasn't.

"I'm starting to hate him. Makes you wonder why the other best man bailed, now." Lena reminded him that Jason didn't have the friends that Heather did. Her wedding party was made up of childhood and college friends.

"Jason's OK. Maybe..maybe he's worried about his parents..or I dunno. You know, I guess they want the wedding to be perfect." Dorian made it sound as if the wedding would be released as a major motion picture.

"God, it sounds artificial to me." Lena decided.

"I should have just went with it. This is all Ruben's fault." Dorian sighed.

"Its not his fault. Its good to know what kind of friend Jason is. Let him deal. You, didn't keep anything from him." Lena reminded him as she put her arm around him. They headed back toward the kitchen. "Tony doesn't have a problem with you and Ruben."

Lena smiled. Honestly, they could do without Jason. She didn't really want to go to the wedding. She'd have to dress up and actually wear high heels.


likerose said...

follow each other? :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love this collage.

Dressing up can be fun - she'll see! :)

ellie said...

Thanks so much CF. I could just picture Lena in a outfit like this.

ivy said...

I'm glad she and Heather are friends.