Tuesday, August 20, 2013

where do we go from here

on the road

They'd came a long way on the bus. It had been exhausting, but Daisy had never felt this close to Max before. He needed her.

She'd held his hand a good long way. Listening to him to confide in her. For a while, it felt as if it were their world. And no one could shatter it. Not even Sara.

Daisy didn't feel like the other woman in any of this. Instead, they were more than old friends. And whatever happened with Max and his dad, she wanted to be by his side. There was no turning back.

She didn't give a second thought to Hansen who was being so secretively, lately. She knew he was going out without her. Usually, just local concerts. Sometimes, his cell would go off. Someone texted him. He wasn't alone. But he didn't have the courage to tell her what was going on, either.

Daisy didn't want to tear Max away from Sara, or did she?

Daisy remembered how she and Sara.. sort of hung out. Kind of. But it felt just wrong. It was true. Daisy would never like Sara.

Just what did Max see in her?

Of course, she said nothing about Sara. It was best to leave that subject alone. Still, she hated to see Max so sad. When did he get this way? Had it always been there, and she just noticed?

She kissed his forehead now. Daisy did want to take care of him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they can all learn from each other. :/

Sara Gerard said...

I am little worried that this may end badly.

ivy said...

Oh..gosh..the trouble they could get in to..even if she means well.

Anonymous said...

OH DAISY..what have you done???

Anonymous said...

Love her outfit!

MOSAMUSE said...

cute shoes!