Friday, September 20, 2013

a little brotherly love

more than friends

"This is so great." Derrick was glad Max could confide in him. He was over to see Dylan, who was playing with blocks on the floor. Derrick was full of happiness. After all, Dylan was walking and practically saying words these days. "So, you and Daisy are back together?"

"No. We're not." He sounded as if he had invested too much of his life with Sara. That was not over. "It was kind of like..I dunno. Goodbye sex."

"Yeah, but you know..did the hello sex thing." Derrick was matter of fact about it. He squinted with a smile.

"Why do you not like Sara?" Max was defensive.

"I don't hate her. She's..she's so hard to get to know." Derrick shrugged as he went to help Dylan with the blocks. "I think you and Daisy should get back together."

"I dunno. Maybe, its for the best if she and Hansen, work out their differences and things are good with Sara." Max pressed his lips tight as if this was carved in stone like some old religion.

"But Daisy chose you. Not Hansen." Derrick reminded him even if Hansen was a tricky subject. They were at least being nice to each other at work.

"Not, necessarily. It was just a whim. There won't be anymore of those." Max seemed as if he was over this weakness of his. "Just..God..why did I even tell you? Don't tell anyone, please." He talked about their Dad. "I guess I was only jealous. You know, you and Dad. I shouldn't have. Seriously, I'm OK now."

"Hey, Dad never talks to me. You, think he'd talk to me now? I mean, he could care less that I have a boyfriend and things are good now. You, have nothing to be jealous about."

Max changed the subject. He asked Derrick if he'd be at the dance.

"Hell, yeah." Derrick grinned. He was going with Mitch.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Brotherly love is never a bad thing. :)

ivy said...

Good to see Derrick so happy.

Sara Gerard said...

Such an awkward topic, but at least they are talking!

Mel said...

Who's Mitch??

ellie said...

(Tyler Ross) Mitch. Derrick's old friend who knows him better probably than Derrick knows himself.