Thursday, September 19, 2013

Its not suppose to be sad

in a pretty dream

"I just don't know why he didn't ask me." Josie was looking through her closet as if she had the perfect dress already for the Homecoming dance.

Daisy thought maybe Josie would just do as well talking to herself as to have her there for dismantling her closet of clothes. Seriously, Josie needed to weed out some of these dresses. Daisy never saw her in any of them. She guessed they were pre-baby outfits.

"Maybe.." Daisy didn't really want to talk about the dance. Other things were on her mind. Actually Max. "Maybe Dean thought you'd say no."

"Now why would he think that? Seriously?" Josie glared at her over her shoulder. She showed her a glittery silver dress that looked like something for a mermaid and a short shiny pink strapless dress. Daisy shook her head, no at both of them. Josie tossed them on the bed as if those were the two main contenders for the dance.

"I dunno." Daisy wished Max would call. Even look at her. But he was so silent now. It was as if the trip to see his Dad never happened. "Boys just suck."

"He's not a boy." Josie shrugged. "I thought we were at least friends." She was still on rewind about Dean. How they'd had a connection. How she'd never been around anyone who respected her like he did.

"I'm glad things..are just swell." Daisy held her stomach as if something was in it to worry about. She winced hard.

"Oh, God." It was as if Josie knew what exactly was going on. "You, didn't."

"I'm fine." Daisy wasn't smiling.

"I thought you were on the pill." Josie was even lipped about it.

"I didn't like the pill." Daisy sighed. She'd taken the pregnancy test a few days ago.

"Did, you tell Hansen?" Josie set down next to her. "It won't be so bad. You've got Hansen, and he adores you. And you're Dad won't react like he's from the old country where they send daughters off to convents when something like this happens."

Daisy set there numb. There was nothing to tell Hansen.

"I bet he's excited." Josie smiled.

"Yeah. Sure he is," Daisy said before she could think. 


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope things turn out okay. :/

Anonymous said...

aw..poor girl.

Mel said...


ivy said...

I hope Daisy will talk more about this..with someone.

Sara Gerard said...

I think they both need to talk more!