Thursday, September 12, 2013

almost a scream

where did it all go wrong?

"What?" Josie didn't need to hear this, but she wanted to know. Halie called to tell her about Ian and Jama.

"I just knew it would happen." Halie told her.

"You're psychic now?" Josie swelled a frown. What was she suppose to do? She paced about her room. The old Josie would know what to do. She'd find someone to be with. She'd show Ian.

Josie shook her head.

"I can't talk about this, right now." Josie didn't want to stay in her room any longer. She needed to get out of here. She tossed her cell phone on her bed and left it. When she got to her car, it was a bad idea. She drove like a race car driver when she was mad.

Maybe, she'd walk it off. But so many things were going through her head. What was Ian doing? He was better than hooking up with a bar maid. Honestly, that chick looked like she'd been through a lot, already. Didn't she have a Frenchman to French kiss?

How? Just how could it have happened? She'd had so much faith in him when they were together. OK, they were officially broke up, but she was still wishing he'd change his mind, and they'd pick up where they left off.

This was all Kayla's fault. Maybe she'd just tell her off. Tell her how she really felt about what she'd done. She didn't care who she might hurt in the process. Kayla needed to know a thing or two. What she'd done to Ian. She wouldn't even let him see his kid.

So she marched on down to the library, but she met Dean at the door. His messenger bag was slung against his side. His simple little grin caught her off guard.

"Hey, I didn't think you liked the library much, lately," he said.

"I don't. I hate this place." She sighed.

"You, hate the library? How could that be?" His smile was more open now.

"My boyfriend used to work here." She accidentally spilled.

Dean nodded as if that was interesting. "Ian, right?" Dean winced in thought.

"Yeah." She frowned.

"You want to talk about it?" He asked as if he'd listen.

She shrugged.

"Come on, I bet if I got you an ice cream, you could walk it off." The ice cream place wasn't far. Next thing she knew he got her a double scoop of Rocky Road and he got just a vanilla cone.

He didn't say anything about himself. They sat on a bench near the park where little kids went on weekends and summer afternoons. She remembered coming here with her mother on sunny days when she was little.

"I found out Ian's seeing someone." She was teary eyed. "How could he forget me, already?" She wanted to say the ice cream was awful, but it wasn't. "Its like, I don't think I could ever see" She sighed. "He just wants me to hate him." Her voice cracked.

"Aw, you know, you don't want to turn on the hate switch. Its a real pain to turn off." He looked at her a little lopsided as he licked his cone. "You just have to believe, this'll make you stronger. Maybe he wasn't nearly as strong as he thought he was. You know, leaving you like that."

She didn't think Dean was going to say anything at all, but she listened.

He told her how he'd worked most of the summer paying for a drink machine he'd damaged. He'd mowed lawns, even helped with a couple of retaining walls.

"Hopefully, I've learned my lesson." He grinned.

Oddly, she didn't feel so bad about Ian. It was good to see Dean, again.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad to see Josie finding some happiness. :)

ivy said...

Oh my gosh, Dean found her at the right time. I can only imagine how devastated Kayla would be if Josie started yelling at her about Ian and everything else.

mazzymay said...

I think Dean is good for her.

Sara Gerard said...

That was a good talk for them!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I am гeallу impressed with yοur wгiting skills!